【Blue Lock】 About 6 Times Normal Size!? The super huge Big Omanjuu Cushion series adds 7 Blue Lock characters! Pre-orders now open!

Hello everyone~! I'm Mafuyu from Goods Republic!!
Do you have cushions at home? I sometimes hug them or use them as a pillow when watching TV on the sofa...... Just having them around is cute and lovable......
This time, convenient for hugging or displaying, and big!? The series boasting 6 times the normal size has added 7 Blue Lock characters!!

【Blue Lock】 About 6 Times Normal Size!? The super huge Big Omanjuu Cushion series adds 7 Blue Lock characters! Pre-orders now open!

Imagine the size like this!
At (H) 300 x (W) 400 x (D) 300mm, it's an incredible size, boasting 6 times the volume of the regular Omanjuu Cushion series!

This is an image representing other characters, but at (H) 300 x (W) 400 x (D) 300mm, it's about the same size as the cushion the lady in the photo is holding!
Its shape is slightly oval, so you can stack other Big Omanjuu Cushions from the same series on top! The fabric surface has a soft and plush texture, great for decoration or truly enjoying as a cushion!

The newly added Big Omanjuu Cushion × Blue Lock characters include 7 individuals! Yoichi, Nagi, Rin, among others, various characters' Big Omanjuu Cushions are available!

With such size, the Big Omanjuu Cushion will feature 7 new Blue Lock characters! They're all round and plush, very cute, so please check them out!
Omanjuu Cushion - Blue Lock / Isagi Yoichi
Omanjuu Cushion - Blue Lock / Bachira Meguru
Omanjuu Cushion - Blue Lock / Kunigami Rensuke
Omanjuu Cushion - Blue Lock / Chigiri Hyouma
Omanjuu Cushion - Blue Lock / Nagi Seishiro
Omanjuu Cushion - Blue Lock / Mikage Reo
Omanjuu Cushion - Blue Lock / Itoshi Rin
Inside, it's filled with beads, making it feel really comfortable to hug! Which character would you like to squeeze tight? We're currently accepting pre-orders, so please be sure to check it out!
Omanjuu Cushion × Blue Lock
Blue Lock Merch

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