Not just the Ita-bag! Welcome to the Ita-○○ World!


Not just the Ita-bag! Welcome to the Ita-○○ World!



Mafuyu(^q^): Hi, our friends. It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!


Here’s the Ita-Bag that we shared before! (Here are more details.)


Its popularity is still growing and “Ita-bag” was finally ranked in in the “anime girls’ section” at a TV program “buzzwords contest, 2016” aired in Japan.


※The most trendy words of the year is selected at a “Buzzwords contest”.



But! Ita-bag is not the only thing that remains popularity.

Various kinds of Ita-○○ Series exist, which attract Otaku fellow’s hearts.



So today! We’re going to share some of the Ita-○○ with you guys!



The title is...

~Fun to Watch! Fun to Do! Fun to Make! Here come a variety of Ita-○○!~



・Ita-Nail (痛ネイル)


Ita-Nail is to do a nail art with your favorite thing as a motif.


“Let’s paint anime or game’s characters on our nails!” Like that, it’s a big trend among Otaku-Girls.


There are two types: the one we paint the actual characters or logos and the one we paint characters’ image-colors or initials as a decoration.


Most people like to do it before the anime events. It’s so popular that there are even some exclusive Ita-Nail salons!

I’d definitely love to try that too! (*´꒳`*)






It’s literally a“Tattoo”! To get anime characters’ tattoos!

There are not so many people who have done this in Japan yet but.... it’s just so powerful(ර⍵ර)✧



A salon located in Kanagawa-ken, which is very popular among people who want to get tattooed, is awesome even with a waiting room full of anime goods!



・Ita-bicycle (Ita-Chari) (痛チャリ)



Ita-bicycle is to decorate their own bicycles (ladies’ bicycles, road-bikes, city cycles and mountain-bikes, etc...), using something like anime or games’ characters’ stickers!

Usually, they decorate it on the rear wheels as the picture shown below.



Ita-bicycles are so popular that they even hold bicycle events “Ita-bicycle Contest” in Tokyo.

I want to decorate my bicycle with Onoda-kun and Manami-kun’s stickers!



・Ita-Board (痛板)



Ita-Board is a ski or a snowboard with the pictures of anime or games’ characters.


Ita-Board is so popular that there is an association called “jiba(日本痛板協会)” whose honorary president is a retired Japanese snow board halfpipe player, Narita Doumu.


※jiba(日本痛板協会) is an association where they manage each event and try to make Ita-Board even more popular by sliding in the snow mountain with ski or snow boards.


One of the attractions of this is that we can make our own originals only with stickers and printer! (´▽`)ノ

If you are interested, why don’t you enjoy skiing or snowboarding with your Yome (wife)?




How did you like all the Ita-○○ that we shared with you today?

Guess what? We still have more Ita-○○, which we haven’t shown you!!!


By the way, I have tried Ita-bag and Ita-Room so far! (ノ*'ω'*)ノ






Give it a try for your Ita-○○, you guys!!



Alright then! We’ll see you again soon!

Bye now~




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