Let’s Make an Ita-Bag! : Choose Base & Use of Plastic Folders!


Let’s Make an Ita-Bag! ~ Beginning~: Choose Ita-Bag Base & Make Use of Plastic Folders!



Mafuyu(^q^): Hi, our friends. It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!


Guess what...? I went to the Uta Pri’s concert the other day, which I’d long wanted to go!!!








Mafuyu(^q^) The venue was filled with super excitement!!! Everybody there has long loved Uta Pri... No wonder it was filled with tons of their loves and tons of the Ita-Bags!!!






Mafuyu(^q^) Of course I was one of them, who brought my original Ita-Bag!!


It took me only 10 ~ 15 minutes to make it, though!


Mafuyu(^q^) So today! I’ll share some secrets with you guys, to make an Ita-Bag easily!



Let’s Make an Ita-Bag①!~Beginning~: Choose Ita Bag Base!



1 .Try to match the goods you will use and the Ita-Bag Base!



★Line up the Goods Neatly★








Mafuyu(^q^) First, line up the goods that you have on the desk or where you find a lot of room!


Even though any goods will work for the Ita-Bags, the most casual and easiest ones are 【Button Badges】and 【Cellphone Straps!


You can use all kinds of different items but I would recommend that you should choose the same type of items since it will leave a strong impact and we don’t have to think of a complicated arrangement!





★Choose an Ita-Bag Base★



Mafuyu(^q^) So! Next, choose the bag, which will be the Ita-Bag Base!


But recently.. a fad for Ita-Bag has been sweeping Japan!!!


You might get confused with various types of Ita-Bags available at Goods Republic...!!!






Mafuyu(^q^) In that case, choose the one whose color is the same as the

character, which you are going to make the Ita-Bag for!!!


※If the character’s personal color is bright, say, orange or pink, you could also choose the opposite type of colors like white or black!!


That’ll give the bag a sense of unity, which makes the bag more cute, instead of using a colorful bag!









2.Put goods in the clear part!!



Mafuyu(^q^) Now you have goods and the base for the Ita-Bag... it’s time to put and decorate the goods... You’re thinking it will take even more time?


Mafuyu(^q^) Nope! It will take almost no time if you prepare beforehand! This is how!!!





Mafuyu(^q^) Before you begin to decorate, put your goods such as button badges and cellphone straps on the clear plastic folder. Open the zipper of the bag and put it in the clear cover!! That’s all!!





By doing so, the Ita-Bag won’t get damaged and you can casually and easily change the design of the bag whenever you want! Awesome, huh?


You cannot line up all the badges nice and straight...? Then put the masking tape straight along the line so you can put the badges on top of the line neatly!!





Mafuyu(^q^) How did you like it?


For those who had no idea how you decorate on the clear part, please give it a try in this way! You can make an Ita-Bag in this way with many kinds of Ita-Bag Bases, which are currently available at Goods Republic!



★Ita-Bag Base - Daypack - Yellow






★Ita-Bag Base (Mise [Attractive] Tote Mini / J Green)






★Ita-Bag Base (Star-Shape Collection 2WAY Rucksack [Pink])




Mafuyu(^q^) Oki-doki! I’ll share more Otaku trivia with you at the next update! Fun to decorate! Beautiful to organize! Okay, guys! See youuuu~!!!





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