Forbidden Decoration?! How to Make Bottled Figures!

Hi guys!! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!!
So, I’m going to share some of the decorations’ ideas that Japanese Otaku have thought of with you guys today as usual but before doing that, take a look at these!
What are they?! Are they floating?!!!
Actually, these are one of the displays that we can easily make with your favorite figures, mascots or cellphone straps!

Forbidden Decoration?! How to Make Bottled Figures!

How to Make

  • Figure(s)
  • A bottle with a lid, which you want to put your figure(s) in
  • Water absorptive polymer(For deodorant)
  • Something like glass balls or gravels to decorate in the bottle with, as you like


  • Please note that the balls in the vegetable (plant) polymer can contain nutrition, which will cause moss or alga to grow. Therefore, I would recommend to use the one that doesn’t have any vegetables (plants)!
  • If you use the water absorptive polymer for deodorant, you don’t need to replace the water so often. If you still want to do it, maybe once every six months would be enough.
  • Also, the water absorptive polymer for deodorant wouldn’t ruin the figure inside even though it’s not the appropriate way to be stored. Therefore, be sure not to use the one you really want to keep clean.
It’s super easy to make only with eight steps! Are you guys ready? Let’s get started!
1. Wash the bottle, figure(s) and the water absorptive polymers quickly with water (I would recommend to use a colander or a bowl)
2. Put everything (other than the figure[s]) you want to decorate into the bottle.
3. Carefully, put the water absorptive polymers in the bottle.
4. Put the figure(s) in the bottle and adjust the direction.
5. Carefully, add some more water absorptive polymers on top of the figure(s).
6. Carefully, put the tap water in it.
7. Poke inside lightly with something like a skinny stick so you can remove the air bubbles between the water absorptive polymers.
8. Put the lid back to the top and it’s done!!!
※ You can check the instruction with a video as well! Especially, watch when he pours water in the bottle!

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