Wash Your Plushies! Take Care of Your Loving Goods!


Wash Your Plushies! I’ll Show You How to Take Care of Your Loving Goods!

Hi guuuuuuys~~~!!! Long time no see! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!
Here’s what!!! Have you guys been cleaning your room to welcome the new year~~~?!
I just cannot believe that the year 2017 is coming to the end soooon…!! But at the same time, I’m so excited to meet the new goods coming out in 2018 too!
Oki-doki! I know many of you always clean your room but….
Do you guys also take care of your loving anime goods that you have collected so far?
So today! I’ll show you how to wash plushies or omanjuu niginigi mascots, which are thought to be hard to be taken care of!

Wash Your Plushies! I’ll Show You How to Take Care of Your Loving Goods!

First! I want to ask you this! How do you usually wash your plushies? You just throw them into the washing machine and dry them under the sun or in the room??? Is that what you do?
You know? The plushies are actually very brittle! Please wash them very carefully if you want to keep their shapes or colors neat even though it might be a lot of work for you!

Here’s How to Wash Omanjuu to Keep It Neat by Japanese Anime Fans!

What You Need

  • A washbowl (Sink works as well)
  • Detergent for stylish garments
  • Your favorite softener
  • Dirty Manjuu (Plushies)
  • Adequate Temperature of the Water
    • It has to be warm enough, not too cold and not too hot, even when you put your wrists all the way to the bottom!
1. Add some detergent into the washbowl and wash your plushies gently with foam. Use a cotton swab for an especially filthy part.
2. After you wash it, give it a quick rinse by the regular water twice and by the water with softener once. (The adequate amount of softener is about one tablespoon per one washbowl of water.) Soaking it in that water too long might cause the fabric ruined so finish this rinsing part in about 15 minutes.
3. Lastly, leave the plushies in the well-ventilated place (avoid a direct sunshine) for about one or two days! Microbeads can be dried fast since they don’t absorb water!

Here’s how to wash big-size plushies! It’s a video!

Already…! I’ve been showing you small-size plushies so far… but these big ones have been so hot now too!!!
Tadaaaa~~~! It’s a Omanjuu Cushion!!
I don’t think this will apply to the instruction for the small-size omanjuu, which I showed you earlier…. But!
Guess what? One of the detergent company in Japan showed us how to wash this big-size omanjuu cushion!!
First, try to determine which way would be better, washing by hands or a petit cleaning!
Omanjuu Cushion which would be suitable for washing by hands…
  • has a short-piled garment
  • is perfectly seamed
  • is perfectly seamed especially if it has an additional accessory
  • has inner cotton which made out of polyester or polyurethane
  • is big / thick enough to be washed
Omanjuu cushions which apply to these features will perfectly be cleaned if you leave it in the shade until the inner cotton completely gets dry after you wash it gently by hand!

How to wash it by hand

Especially the plushies that have light cotton inside, which is made out of polyester, cannot completely cleaned even if we wash it in the washing machine since they float on the surface. That’s why I recommend to wash it by hands since we can watch it while washing it. If your cushion is very big, you can substitute a washing machine for a washbowl.
  1. Fill the water so cushion can soak into the water. Add neutral detergent for stylish garments and let it melt.
  2. Soak the cushion into the water and wash it by your hands, by pushing it. Every time the cushion floats, let it sink (push). Keep pushing it about 30 times.
  3. After you wash it, dehydrate it for about 30 seconds.
  4. Next, put some more water in the washing machine and rinse it, pushing it at the same time.
  5. Dehydrate it again for 30 seconds.
  6. Replace the old water with some fresh water and rinse it again. It will be even better if you add some softener and leave it for about three minutes at the second time you rinse it.
  7. Lastly, dehydrate it for about 30 seconds. Let it dry all the way to the inside.
  8. After it dries up, let the air in, tapping and loosening the cushion with both bands.
※ If you use a dryer and stop automatically due to the ‘unbalanced’ amount of laundry (only one cushion in the machine), add some other things like clothes or towels to make it well-balanced.)
But! If you think your cushion is not sturdy enough, I would recommend to do a “petit cleaning” (a “tapping wipe” with detergent)!

How to do a Petit Cleaning at home (a “tapping wipe” with detergent)

  1. Tap the cushion outside to get all the dust out of it
  2. Dilute the neutral detergent for stylish garments for the washing-by-hands-use.
  3. Soak the towel into the detergent water and wring it out tight. Tap the cushion with the towel.
  4. Rinse another towel with clean water. Wipe the cushion with the towel for a couple times.
  5. Leave it in the shade and let it dry completely.
How did you like it~? You might think it a lot of work to do but please try to wash your favorite Omanjuu with your love!
Alright guys, I’ll see you all at the next update! Bye~~!

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