Anime Festival, Kyo MAF! NEW Info of Various Anime!


Here Comes a Fall Anime Festival, Kyo MAF! Maybe… NEW Info of Various Anime Are Coming out This Weekend…?!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Hi guys~! Now that a hot summer is gone here in Japan, we feel more comfortable with cool weather! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic, who loves fall since food is delicious and it’s easy to go out!


★Enjoy Japanese Fall, the Best Season for Sports, Arts and Harvest!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :So! In such a comfy season, a big Anime event is going to take place on 15th and 16th in Kyoto, Japan! Tadaaaa! Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair!!!



★Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair




Mafuyu(^q^)/ :It’s a super big event, commonly called KYOMAF. Here, you can get goods and NEW info about various anime, and also see some collabo events or guest talk shows! Many anime goods limitedly sold in Kyoto are going to come out too~!



●Collaboration of KYOTO and ANIME! Some items are already available to pre-order!









●KyoMAF×Nishijin brocade(西陣織)×Yowamushi Pedal



●Check HERE for some goods limitedly sold in “KyoMAF” and the ones available to pre-order, both available at Goods Republic!


★KYO-MAF Limited



●At collabo café, “The movie, Natsume’s Book of Friends, ~Utsu semi ni musubu~” café will be seen!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Even cosplaying is allowed in the certain areas! You will be seeing people cosplaying various characters at the venue too!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :How do you like this Anime Festival, Kyo MAF…? Exciting, huh? Check this out! Info about the NEW Anime or Goods might be announced in the talk show event! Don’t miss out!


Already guys, I’ll see you at the next article~! Bye~!


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