Decorate Your Anime Goods with Clips! Clip Decoration Ideas!


Let’s Decorate Your Anime Goods with Clips! A Special Number for Clip Decoration Ideas!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ : Hi guys! The goods I want to feature today are…. THIS!




Mafuyu(^q^)/ : Yes! It’s a clip!!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ : You know what? This is the perfect item to decorate your Anime goods! With a clip, you are able to decorate various Anime goods beautifully! I’ll share such an awesome technique with you guys today!



Let’s Decorate Your Anime Goods with Clips! A Special Number for Clip Decoration Ideas!



●Basic Style! Clip or Button Badge×Medal!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :I’ll show you this first! Open up the handles and use it as a stand! You can decorate any sizes’ button badges or medals if you choose the best-fit clips!


FYI, if you want to decorate button badges on the wall…



You can use this kind of clip (putting the keychain at the bottom) so the needle part won’t get damaged!


What’s more? If they’re not heavy Anime goods…



You can decorate this kind of paper-Anime goods on the wall without making any holes!



●A variety of decorations! ●●●×clip!


Mafuyu(^q^)/ : Here’s a question, guys… Look at this picture below. What is decorated with a clip?



Mafuyu(^q^)/ : The answer is… YES!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ : The fans!

※You might want to lay it along the wall if yours is heavy!



We really don’t have many good ways of decorating fans, but here, it looks perfect with a clip!


If you don’t like a trace of the clip on the handle, you can just put a soft cloth between!



●A Perfect Picture of Nendoroid without a Pedestal! Nendoroid×clip!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Speaking of Nendroid… we really cannot take a good picture of it unless we have a pedestal with it…? You might not want the picture with the pedestal, though…




Mafuyu(^q^)/ :But! With a clip, it’s all good!





Mafuyu(^q^)/ :You see in the back of this Nendoroid…



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Can you see? It’s without the pedestal! Bend the clip’s handle to 90 degrees angle, then put your Nendoroid on top!


If the Nendoroid’s legs are wide open, the clip might be seen from the front so please adjust it to the best angle!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :By the way…. We have this kind of clip too, right?


I’ll feature some decoration ideas, using this type of clip in another article!





For instance…. Here’s one idea!




Alright guys! This is all for this week! I’ll see you all at the next article!




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