【The Results】What Kind of Anime Goods Do You Like?


【Announcement of the Results】What Kind of Anime Goods Do You Like?


Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Hi guys! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!


Thank you all for voting for the questionnaire, What Kind of Anime Goods Do You Like?, which we held the other day! Thanks to you, we received more than 150 passionate votes!


Alright then, let me announce the result now! A brilliant 1st place went to….. what’s the Anime Goods which are loved most by you guys….!?



1st place Plushie




Comments from the voters!


・I like something that I can hug when I sleep so a plushie is nice.

・Because so many of them are small and cute, and they travel better than figures :P

・soft, good for hugs, cute

・Plushies are the most adorable! (especially the ones from Gift)

・I like goods that are cute and easily displayed! Lately I've been crazy for Omanjuu and Chuncolle...

・They’re a soft way to appreciate the character/series, and can be used for decorative purposes.

・they’re so small, cute and squishy

・They're soft and always super cute.

・They are very adorable.

・their cute

・My daughter loves them. Especially from Yowamushi Pedal!

・They're cute and nice to display.

・I like hugging plushies if they are big.

・They are so fluffy!

・I collect them.

・Very very cute

・they're cute

・They are cute and I like to carry them around and take photos with them <3

・I've always liked plushies, except those of human like characters.

・Not fragile, can interact with it more than just putting it on display

・Soft to hold

・Strap, Badge, Key Chain, Clothes


・Because they're soft and cute !

・I can hug that

・I like chibi art of my favourite characters. A plushie is like a soft chibi that I can hug! They're ・so cute!

・you get the most out of a plush. it is cute, warm, and can be brought with you to places, and makes for cute pictures

・Plushies are soft and fun to hug!

・they are really cute

・Cute and huggable

・They're nice to cuddle.

・They are soft & squishy.

・Cause they're cute




2nd place Key Chain




Comments from the voters!

・so many. so accessible. itabag. Clink Clink There Go My Keychain

・Because it's reusable and convenient to buy but for as long as it's my favorite anime it's worth to buy.

・Easy to display and portable.

・Because they generally are cheaper than others and you can place them in lots of places (eg handbag, keys)

・Key chains are functional and plus they always come with cool designs. They also don't take up alot of space.

・Small and cheap

・Because we can walk everywhere with our favorite characters

・Easy to find and put on your bag/keys! Plus they’re adorable!!!

・It is small, useful, and can be attached to a purse.

・I like to hang them on my cork board around my room!

・because the acrylic ones can be a stand or a keychain

・Key chains are small and cute. They're easy to carry around too, such as in itabags. And most of all, key chains are fun to collect !

・versatile and cute but not too showy!

・I like to display keychains/straps on corkboard. I have a keychain collection of my favorite anime characters!

・They're nice to look at and easily communicate your love for a character!

・I like keychains because you can attach them to bags, lanyards, or hang them on hooks attached to your wall.

・Small, easy to keep

・It is with me at all times

・Small ans nice to put on things

・Because it’s a collectible and nice accessory.

・They are cute

・I love all anime goods (especially Persona series) but I especially like the cute little ones

・They’re cute and fun to collect! I love the prince of tennis products they’re releasing this year 😍


・They're small and affordable!

・They're small so it's easy to have lots of your favourite character.

・I prefer key chains/straps because I can put them on my phone. It makes me feel that they go everywhere with me.

・Because they are cute, small and you can put them anywhere even on the go!♡ ^_^ (and showing them off!😁)

・I can use them for my ita bag.

・Ita Bagging

・I love being able to attach different anime characters to my bag. They are great conversation starters and I love showing them off.




3rd place Figure




Comments from the voters!

・Figures always have a lot of detail and they're 3D

・I love collecting scale figures as they give me the impression of my favorite characters being real and they make me happy on an everyday basis. I must say however that they tend to be a little on the pricier side on your website.. Hope I was able to be of help! Good work everyone c:

・Strap, plushie, badge

・I can display my favorite characters nicely!

・The poses are very dynamic!

・I like seeing my favorite characters posing on my shelf

・Having a figure/3D version of your favorite character is the best thing ever :D

・It's a cute and affordable way to tell the whole world who your favorite character is! Also nice to display!

・I honestly like all of the above, plus, prints/stills/postcards, blankets, books, etc. Since I could only pick one, I chose figure, because it's nice having the likeness of a favorite character in three-dimensional form, especially the figures which look very close to anime/manga/game accurate. Although, in addition what would be cool, is if a figure was close to anime/manga/game etc accurate, and if he/she was a long haired character, the hair could actually be soft and silky, long and flowy, like individual strands (basically brushable). Thank you.

・I am collecting them

・Closest representation of an anime character in real life~ ^ω^

・They make any collection look better

・Figures are a good option because it allows people to express their taste in characters and anime

・Especially tiny figures, tinier than nendoroids. I just rly like them the most, they look the nicest in my eyes!

・They look nice and impressive

・Look pretty and fun to collect

・I like to display them.

・Looks so awesome. Always admire of how good the sculpture of the anime.

・Decoration for my room

・I'm a toy collector so figures always appeal to me first.

・I enjoy collecting figures as they look cool and have sentimental value to the anime/manga I like

・That way I can decorate my space with my favorite characters.

・I like having the charactera I like in display in my house; I like specially the small figures since they can go pretty much anywhere!




4th place Strap




Comments from the voters!

・They’re always cute designs and can easily attach them to my phone or purse

・Not all that expensive and you can attach it to your phone to bring around with you instead of letting it just sit in your room

・it's easy to display them!

・They're cute and can be put in a lot of places

・It's more affordable than some of the other goods and I can put it on my bag that I carry with me every day.

・I like keychains, straps and badges because they're small and easy to carry around. A nice ita-bag is always the end goal!

・They’re very cute and easy to display or carry around! Since they’re rubber, they don’t scratch and as long as you’re careful they’re not too hard to clean!!

・I have a lot hanging next to my keys

・Easy to carry with me.

・I like how they look in an itabag

・Cute and can have daily use! Also easy to take care of, dont have to worry about scratches

・Easily add it to my itabag!

・Small and nice to carry around

・Small and can hang anywhere

・Theyre easy to collect and fun look cute in ita bags

・You can take it anywhere you go.




5th place Clothes




Comments from the voters!

・Because it’s so cool to look totally different from the others !

・Because I can wear them

・It is something that has an everyday purpose and can be used to recognize that someone is interested in the same things as you.

・It can travel with me

・So i can wear it

・I use the 1's with nice art outside. Shirts are something I could actually use which is always a plus. Though I do buy a lot of other things.

・i can represent my favorite anime anywhere i go. but it's normally the most expensive type of goods

・I like the other goods very much, but I feel like they are useless since they’re just decorations. But clothes are useful! You can use them every day! So I like those kinds of goods.

・I like it when people compliment me because anime is a big part in my life and I love expressing it



Mafuyu(^q^)/: Plushie brilliantly got 1st place! Actually, it won by a hair against a Key Chain that was in the 2nd place. And the point of its winning is that many of the voters loved how they look (so cute) and their texture (feel so good)! Especially when we are tired, we can be healed by this fluffy texture…!




Mafuyu(^q^)/: And the 2nd place by a hair was the Key Chain! Majority of the voters who picked this one said “because it’s easy to carry and display! It’s useful!”. You can just casually take your favorite Chara’s goods with you when you go out, because of those reasons, huh? It’s quite fun to arrange how you display one too!





Mafuyu(^q^)/: And the 3rd place! What is your favorite Anime Goods? Figures are always ranked in! Majority of the voters who picked this one said “It’s very beautiful, made in detailed! It’s the best goods to display because it looks fantastic!” I have some space in my room, where I display my Figures, and it’s always beautiful there…! It heals me…!




Mafuyu(^q^)/: So… how was it? So many people voted for this questionnaire…. But there was the item which was unexpectedly voted most…. which was….


All !!!!!!!!!!



Mafuyu(^q^)/: I can’t… say that again! Any Anime Goods are awesome and I love all of it too! For those who voted for this project, thank you so much! Let’s keep loving Anime Goods from now on!


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