Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Hi guys! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic! What’s the most popular Anime Goods in Goods Republic? The answer is “Plushies” which I love too! They’ve got 1st place in Anime Popularity Vote too, which was held before!



【The Results】What Kind of Anime Goods Do You Like?



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :They are not only popular, but they are also the best-selling amongst  all the Anime Goods in Goods Republic too… so you guys, then what kind of plushies do you think are popular now?


So today! I’ll share the Four most popular plushy series which are now the rave of Anime fans from all over the world (it’s not too much to say that)!






Mafuyu(^q^)/ : “Chimai (ちまい)” in “Chimains means “small” in Osaka dialect (大阪弁) in Japan! It is literally a deformed 12-cm (≒4.7 inches) plushy so you really do not need a lot of space to display! It has been so hot these days with more and more new types constantly being released!



★メガジャンボ寝そべりぬいぐるみ(Mega Jumbo Nesoberi Nuigurumi)



Mafuyu(^q^)/ It’s a huge-size 22×40cm (≒8×16inches) plushie series (sizes differ depending on chara’s hair or body). It’s just so huge. I mean, huge.





Mafuyu(^q^)/ I recommend this to those who want the one that stands out!! It’s huge. I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how big it is when you open the package!



★ちゅんコレ(Chun Colle)



Mafuyu(^q^)/: “Chun (ちゅん) ” in “Chun Colle” expresses a small bird chirping. They are such adorable little birds’ plushie series! They are not designed as the actual characters but as deformed little birds!



Mafuyu(^q^)/:This plushie series are super cute!! They’re easy to carry with and they will be the best buddies to take with you when you go out! Guess what? We also carry special Ita-Bags, which carry this Chun Colle series and they look so cute too…!




★Plushie Bag (Chun Colle Pouch)






What is Pita-nui…

It’s a plushie mascot that “perfectly” clings to your stuff.

If you squish, it opens its arms and clings to various objects!

We don’t need a lot of space with adjustable faces

Enjoy your time with such adorable “Pita-nui”





Mafuyu(^q^)/:As it explains shown above, it has a magnet in its arms so it sticks even to the strings or sticks! As for this Pita-nui series, more than 200 have been released so far and more and more characters’ ones are coming out too!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :So.. Which one did you like most out of four series? As for these series, more to come so don’t miss them out!


Alright guys, I’ll see you at the next article! Bye~!


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