【Results of Nui-Photo Contest】Nui-Photos from All Over the World!


【Announcement of Results】

Here Comes the Best Photo Awards of Nui-Photo Contest! Enjoy Cute Nui-Photos from All Over the World!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Hi guys! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic! Thank you for waiting! And thank you for joining our contest! We’ve got so many Nui-Photos from all over the world…!


All the Nui-Photos are so wonderful that it was hard to select the best ones…! Okay, then let me announce! The brilliant first place goes to…. THIS photo!



★Best Photo Award 

$70 Coupon available at Goods Republic & Plushie Mini Bag



Sakura Adventure!



All different size-plushies are looking out from the cherry blossom branches! So cute!

It’s very simple in the cherry blossoms background but it’s well-composed photo and very beautiful!

This Nui-Photo perfectly meets one of the contest’s concepts, “going out”! Congrats!




Yukari Akiyama visits The Tank Museum



This Nui-Photo is like a pro taken in the tank museum…!

Akiyama-San, who is in the middle of the undercover, is so cute and this really reminds us of the actual Anime! We selected this Nui-Photo from these reasons! Congrats!



★Social Media Award

$30 Coupon available at Goods Republic & Nuitoribo (A stick for taking a picture of plushie)



IT'S SNOWING!! SNOWING!!⌒°(*>ᗜ<*)°⌒



We can feel that Yuki Miku is having such a fun time from this picture!

It’s so lovely with the story in this picture too! Congrats!




Dream Swim in Sydney



These Omanju are so cute with goggles on!

This one is like a pro too, taken in the Sydney Olympic pool where Rin studied abroad in Anime too! Congrats!



・Kiki (`・ω・´)9-san

Soakin' up the sun, kupo!



This Nui-Photo is lovely with a detailed outfit such as clothe and sunglasses!

Again, this perfectly meets the concept, “going out” and we feel that Moogle is actually relaxing sitting on the bench from this picture! Congrats!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Again, for those who got awards and joined this contest, thank you so much! We’ll give you the details regarding the prizes including participation awards in a week by email!


Mafuyu(^q^)/ :What I thought from seeing all these Nui-Photos are that all the sceneries from all over the world look even more wonderful thanks to the plushies!
























































They look fun, delicious, colorful… I realized that these photos make both those who take photos and those who see them smile…! Thank you again so much for joining the Nui-Photo Contest! 


Why don’t you go out with your favorite plushie and take lovely pictures?


Already now! I’ll see you all at the next Article! Bye~!


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