Best Gift for your OTAKU friends!

What is the Gift Coupon??

  • You can send the Gift Coupon to your friends!!
  • For birthday gift, christmas gift, etc..

We sell following three Gift Coupons.

Our Gift wrapping

  • When your friend purchases items by those Gift Coupon, we will wrap items specially.

How to get Gift Coupon (your side)

  1. Add "Buy Gift Coupon ( $25 / $50 / $100 )" to your cart.
  2. Proceed to checkout and pay ($25/$50/$100).
  3. Receive URL of coupon via Email which you put at 2nd step. Then, open the URL of coupon.
  4. Please send the coupon URL to your friend. (Do not share the URL with other people)

How to use Gift Coupon (friend's side)

  1. When your friend adds the coupon to the cart with other items, total price will be ($25/$50/$100) less.
  2. Proceed to checkout as usual.

Rules for the Coupon

  1. Your friend can use it for pre-order items
  2. No change given
  3. Need to pay 0.01USD when total price is not reached amount of Gift coupon
  4. No expiration date

We sell following three Gift Coupons.