Ensemble Star! Beginner Watched 1st Episode of Ensemble Stars!!


Ensemble Star! Beginner Watched 1st Episode of Ensemble Stars!!


※You’ll see the comments for 1st Episode of Anime by Mafuyu who’s never played the game in this article. Please note that it includes spoilers and surprises by the beginner.


Mafuyu(^q^)/ :It’s Mafuyu and I am the beginner of Ensemble Stars!!!


Mafuyu(^q^)/ : I wanted to be familiar with Ensemble Stars and watched 1st Episode….


Mafuyu(^q^)/ :and now I got so familiar with it!!





I wasn’t familiar with it! The Ensemble Stars beginner watched 1st Episode of Ensemble Stars!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :The only thing I knew about Ensemble Stars! was which characters and idol units appear in there…. But in 1st Episode, I saw a very clear description about the story or the purpose! I have to say to those who are not familiar with Ensemble Stars!, “Watch it now!” It was such an amazing Episode!


Mafuyu(^q^)/ :By the way, my most recommended chara, Suou-Kun, appeared for about 2 seconds at the opening!! Yay!!!





Mafuyu(^q^)/ :But I didn’t see him at all in the main story (if I didn’t miss it)even for a second!



★Ensemble Stars! is a school Anime!!!





Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Since I only had been focusing on watching images of cool idols, I didn’t realize that it was a story, based on the “idol training school”… They all were wearing cool outfits, so the ones in school uniforms were so refreshing~!





Mafuyu(^q^)/ :The main character of this story is the only girl student, Anzu-Chan, who transferred to the newly-set-up department, “Producer Department” at Idol Training School! Yeah~ it’s an idol game-like setting, huh?



Ensemble Stars!’s Chara belong to the club activities!!!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :As you now see that this is a story based on the idol training school…. Yes, everybody belongs to the club activity!!! The music band club, the karate club, the drama club…. I found this out for the first time after I watched this story!





Mafuyu(^q^)/ :My boy, Suou-Kun’s club is…!?


Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Guess what? It’s the archery club!!!! Cool, huh??? Yeah~~!! I hope we can see him shoot up some in Anime!! Can’t wait!!!





★Ensemble Stars! has the event where idols compete performing each other!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :And what’s shocking in Episode 1 was the school holds the event called “Dream Idol Festival” (Dre-Fes), where idols compete with each other!


All the idols belonging to the Idol Department participate in this Dre-Fes and try hard to become lovely idols!





Mafuyu(^q^)/ :A transfer student, Anzu-Chan, saw this Dre-Fes right on the first day when she transferred but….





Mafuyu(^q^)/ :It’s not the idol-like battle at all~~~!!!! I mean… what is it… they’re just fighting… But she found out that the battle, “龍王戦(Ryuuousen)” at Dre-Fes allows them to fight under the theme, “who’s the strongest man?” Now we know why they do a hand-in-hand combat…





Ensemble Stars! is a story where they make a revolution!!!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :All the idols at the Idol Training School attend school and try hard together at Dre-Fes…. But actually, they are all controlled by the Student Councils and so many idols don’t have individuality or freedom… , which was the biggest issue at this school…





Mafuyu(^q^)/ : No matter how lovely they are, they cannot stand out unless the Student Councils admit it…! To change such an old way, Hokuto said to Anzu-Chan that he wanted to make a revolution!!





Mafuyu(^q^)/ :The clone of the player, Anzu-Chan, has a mission of helping him make a revolution, I mean… produce it, huh? Down with the Student Councils! Since the Student Councils form an idol unit, “fine”, they will possible fight against “fine”, huh??





Mafuyu(^q^)/ :….Mm?





Mafuyu(^q^)/ :He’s a member of the Student Councils but not the one in fine….? Oh yeah, I think I saw another member of the Student Councils, Mao-Kun, too in the unit (one of the members is Subaru-Kun), formed to defeat the Student Councils….?





Mafuyu(^q^)/ :It looks like there are students who belong both to the Student Councils and to another idol unit, other than fine, huh…? I can’t keep my eyes off from Mao-Kun from now on!


Mafuyu(^q^)/ :And what is their “revolution” like…? What can Anzu-Chan, who just transferred, do…? We’ll keep watching what they will do to change this gamy school too!!





Mafuyu(^q^)/ :So…! Even though my boy didn’t play much role in this Episode, I hope he will appear next week! So guys! Now is the best time to check Ensemble Stars! Let’s learn Ensemble Stars! with me and get addicted to it!


Oki-doki! We’ll see you guys at the next article! Bye~!


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