【Goods Freak Topic】Vol.5!! Nendoroid

Hi guys! It’s time for this segment! Goods Freak Topic!!

What is a “Goods Freak Topic”?

It’s the article which you can read casually in about five minutes, featuring various Anime Goods releasing in Japan! Read this and your Anime Merch life will be changed from tomorrow…!?
So! Today, we’ll feature this Anime Merch! Many of you might already have one~!?

【Goods Freak Topic】Vol.5!! Nendoroid

What is Nendoroid?

It’s the cute figure of various Anime or Game characters, deformed to about 2 to 2.5 heads high. With some parts that come is with the figures, you can enjoy various expressions or situations. By the way, the Nendoroid which was first released was Arcueid Brunestud of Tsukihime, released at 2006 Wonder Festival.

Arcueid Brunestud, released in 2006. Extra parts already came in with the figure.

Since it first released ten-odd years ago, Nendoroid has become one of the representatives of the Anime Goods! Not only its figures themselves, the Series, which we can enjoy Nendoroid even more, have also been coming out now!

Nendoroid Petit

Nendoroid Petit is one of the Nendoroid Series, which is 65 mm (≒2.5inches), which is even smaller than Nendoroid (about 100 mm≒3.9 inches)! Since we need little space, we can display multiple of them on the desk or the small shelf!
open goodsrepublic.com
open goodsrepublic.com
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
open goodsrepublic.com
Love Live
open goodsrepublic.com

Nendoroid More

This is the Series, where we can decorate ‘Nendoroid’ even more enjoyably, such as dressing-up costumes, clips and suckers! If your pedestal or arm are broken, try to find the substitute from this Series!
(Full Set) Torikaekko Face (Face Swap) - Dress Up Parts (Nine types in total “Nendoroid More Torikaekko Face” 01&02 Selection”)
Dress Up Parts - Figure Parts (Nendoroid More Dressing-Up Suits 02)
Nendoroid More Clip
Nendoroid Pouch
Special Nendoroid Pouch! You can carry this, showing only their faces, as if they were sleeping in the sleeping bag. There are some pouches, exclusively sold for the particular Chara too! You can combine with your favorite pattern!
Nendoroid Pouch - Himōto! Umaru-chan
Nendoroid Pouch - Yuri!!! on Ice / Makkachin
Nendoroid Doll
The head part is Nendoroid and the body part is Nendoroid Series, which is made of the action figure, easy to change. This is the Series, where we can have them try free poses or put on various outfits.
How did you like them!?
If you have one at home, why don’t you decorate them even prettier, combining with More, Pouch and Doll Series?
Oki-doki! I’ll see you all at the next article! Bye~!

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