【Results】Halloween Photo Contest!


【Announcement of the Results】Halloween Photo Contest! Who Won the Best Halloween Photo??




Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Guys, thank you for waiting so long!! And thank you all for applying for the contest!! Now, let me announce the results of the Halloween Photo Contest!




★【Halloween Photo ContestTake a Picture of Your Favorite Anime Merch!






Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Alright now… let me start! The Best Photo Award goes to…THIS Photo!!




Best Photo Award


Contestant’s Name: Liz

Title: death to pumpkins '





Comments from the Judge

We selected this photo as the best award because of this super Halloweeny photo with a hand-made background, pumpkins, food and witch’s hat cosplay… and more! Not just BANANA FISH Chara but cute Pikachu is also in here, which made us smile…! Thank you for your freewheeling and lovely Halloween Photo! Congratulations on the Best Photo Award!!




Mafuyu Award 


Contestant’s Name: @moniniart

Title: Mysterious Liquid





Comments from the Judge: This is a super full-scale Halloween photo with the background and the worldview! Dazai and Chuuya are disguised, huh? So cute! Look how flamboyant Dazai’s smile is… It’s making this photo have the spooky atmosphere… What in the world are they making, huh?  Congratulations on Mafuyu Award!!




Contestant’s Name: Sam

Title: Sonico’s Oppai Halloween





Comments from the Judge

This one was selected because of one of the Goods Republic’s members’ passion who is super crazy about Sonico! Not only the Halloween pumpkin but the background also has the special decoration! Congratulations! Please stay Sonico-Chan’s big fan!





Photogenic Award


Contestant’s Name: kade

Title: i’ll trick-or-treat you♪ (for reals)





Comments from the Judge: This one is literally ‘Photogenic’, with the light shining brightly…! This one is the spookiest photo of all, with a Nendoroid whose face is a pumpkin! We see so many well-balanced Goods, displayed in the dark area too! It’s so detailed!




Contestant’s Name: Alyssa

Title: Witch’s Flight





Comments from the Judge: Luka is flying on the broom?! I wonder how Alyssa took this picture…? This photo made us think like that seriously! It’s such an excellent Halloween Photo! It’s a lovely Halloween night with the real pumpkins, a spider, candies and even a ghost! I wish I could ride the broom with her~!!




Contestant’s Name: Bettina

Title: Spooky on ICE






Comments from the Judge:

Where’s Makkachin…? It’s drawn on the pumpkin! This is amazing!!!

Even its back shot is drawn! So cute, huh?? All the members of Yuri!!!! on Ice are there together! They look so fun♪ The pumpkins are colorful and erratic, which really stands out!






Good Photo Award


Contestant’s Name: Kiki

Title: Halloween, In the Building!





Comments from the Judge: Wow, I see a super cute pumpkin in here…!? Oh, it’s an Omanjuu Niginigi Mascot!! It’s got a lovely hat on its head too! Super cute!




Contestant’s Name: Liz

Title: Happy Haunted Gathering





Comments from the Judge: Levi and Hanji are buried in lots of candies, huh?? So colorful! And the chara’s facial expressions are so good too~!! To me, the bat’s fangs look like drools and the bat looks as if it’s hungry… It’s so heartwarming and adorable!




Contestant’s Name: Zlata

Title: Izumi pumpkin





Comments from the Judge: Sena Izumi-Kun is in the pumpkin! Whaaat!!! Awesome!!! This is awesome!! Other Emsemble Stars!’s members are drawn on the pumpkins too… They’re super cute… I wonder Izumi-Kun will be saved when the Halloween is over… What nice pumpkins!!





Contestant’s Name:ochuuwu

Title : Vampire's White Rose





Comments from the Judge: This Halloween Photo is filled with all-hand-made works and lots of love!! That shining white rose is so cool too…!! We feel big love from such detailed folded pumpkins and flowers in the coffin too…!




Mafuyu(^q^)/ :So… how did you like them all~!! We felt so excited just to see all these loving Halloween Photos!! Why don’t you guys enjoy delicious and spooky Halloween on October 31st with your favorite Anime Goods too?? Again… thank you all so, so…. much for applying for the contest!!










Trick of Treee~at!!! Look forward to the next Photo Contest~!!!

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