【BEASTARS Merch Vol.1】Legoshi Merch!!

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【BEASTARS Merch Vol.1】Legoshi Merch!!

BEASTARS is one of the 2019 Fall Anime, now on air! At school, where animals go, an incident, where one of the herbivores was killed by the carnivores, happened! Who on earth it was…? It’s a school youth mystery, depicted through the main character, Legoshi…!

Here’s the review of Episode 1!【BEASTARS】Performance, Murder, and the Beast.【Episode 1】

So today! As the Vol. 1 of the BEASTARS Official Merch segment, We’ll feature the main character, Legoshi-Kun’s Merch!!

Who is Legoshi?

He, the main character of BEASTARS, is 17 years old Canislupus (a gray wolf).
Being quiet and serious, he worries about himself having been born as a wolf, whose symbol is power and battling spirit. Even though he tends to be misunderstood from his appearance and tribe, he is actually innocent and kind.
The student who was killed by the carnivores was his friend and he ends up investigating the truth of the incident.
The best part of him is a gap between how he looks and how he actually is~!! Not only how the elucidation of the murder case will be but how the relationship between students in school is also interesting! Can’t keep an eye from this story! Here are such an attractive Legoshi’s Merch!

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Figure - BEASTARS / Legoshi
Microfiber Towel - BEASTARS / Legoshi
Mug - BEASTARS / Legoshi
Wooden Tag - Daru~n - BEASTARS / Legoshi & Haru
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