【Goods Freak Topic】Vol.16 Koedarize!!


Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Hi guuuuuuys!! Happy New Year!! Have you started working yet? It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic and I want to try harder this year (2020) than last year (2019)!!


Mafuyu(^q^)/ :So! I’ll happily continue to share articles about Goods in 2020 too!!! The very first【Goods Freak Topic】this year is about…. THIS popular series!




【Goods Freak Topic】Vol.16 Koedarize!!





What is Koedarize?



It’s one of the Figure Series, released by TOMY COMPANY,LTD.! Just like “Koeda-Chan”, which is a mascot character of TOMY COMPANY,LTD., the Goods of deformed designed series, are called Koedarize!


The mini-size figures come with pedestals so their small bodies can stand up on their own. So many kinds of Koedarize Series, such as thin and easy-to carry Rubber Strap Series, are now coming out!








Mafuyu(^q^)/ :So today! I’ll feature what kind of Koedarize Series’ Goods have released so far!




●Koedarize Series “Trading Figure × Koedarize” Are Best to Display on the Desk!






Mafuyu(^q^)/ : One of the staple Koedarize is THIS! Cutely Deformed Figure Series! They are relatively small so not only displaying them on the desk but carrying them when going out is also good since they won’t take much space! (Make sure you don’t lose the pedestal!) This series collaborate with many titles so check out your favorite ones! You might find your favorite Trading Figure × Koedarize…!!




●【OVER 100 Items!】Touken Ranbu



●【OVER 20 Items!】Osomatsu-san



●【OVER 20 Items!】Ensemble Stars!






●Yowamushi Pedal





●Rubber Strap × Koedarize!! Bring a Deformed Cute Strap With You When You Go Out!






Mafuyu(^q^)/ :If you like these designs, you might like its Rubber Strap version too! Easy to carry, easy to take it out…! It’s perfect if you want to take pictures with your Anime Goods when going out!! Their faces are different, according to each item so find your favorite series!




●【Eyes Are Cute! Mafuyu’s Recommendation!!】Haikyuu!!



●【Two Types of Deformed Types!】Touken Ranbu



●Ensemble Stars!






●Diamond no Ace (Ace of Diamond)





●Badge × Koedarize!! Perfect for Your Ita-Bag or Ita-Pouch!!






●Touken Ranbu



●Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)



●Bungou Stray Dogs





●Pouch × Koedarize!! Limitedly Sold for Osomatsu-San! How about a Cute Cats-Ears Pouch?






Mafuyu(^q^)/ :3D-shape is cute too! Thin-shape is cute too! Why don’t you check out all the Koedarize Series??


Oki-doki! I’ll see you guys at the next update~!!!

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