【Ensemble Stars!】Another Step! A Special Number for the Training Game Basic & the Rhythm Game Music!

Hi guuuys~~ Now we’re in April and that makes ice cream more delicious because it’s much warmer now! The best season, huh? It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!!
So! Speaking of April…… I’ll feature one of the most recent-released popular app! (It’s been a while since it released, though) I bet most of you are familiar but it’s perfectly upgraded so we can enjoy even more!!

【Ensemble Stars!】Another Step! A Special Number for the Training Game Basic & the Rhythm Game Music!

Yep! The other day,【Ensemble Stars!】Basic, specializing in the character training and【Ensemble Stars!】Music, specializing in the rhythm game were released!! Even though the original Ensemble Stars ended its service, you are able to keep all the data you have had and use it in the Basic too so you can move on to the next step!

Ensemble Stars!!! Basic

It’s a game type app, that is very close to the original Ensemble Stars!.
You can focus on enjoying the story itself, by training and collecting the characters’ cards. You can take over the old play data and continue to enjoy the brand new Ensemble Stars. Some of the chara even debuted in show business! Not only can they join the lessons, but they can also be engaged in working!

Ensemble Stars!!! Music

This is the app, specializing in the rhythm game, which is totally different from the original Ensemble Stars! Characters are shown in three dimension and you can not only listen to your favorite music but you can also have them put on your favorite outfit. While you will enjoy less story itself, compare to the Basic version, you can enjoy decorating the office, where the characters work.
Guess what? Both Basic version and Music version have the same events and cards that release! So for those who have been plying Ensemble Stars! And for those who want to play the brand new Ensemble Stars! You won’t see much difference! That’s awesome!
What’s more? Two new units are added in this new chapter! Both have four members and belong to the entertainment production company!


“The Underachiever” unit whose motif is the cards, led by Amagi Hiiro.
From the left,
  • Ayase Mayoi / Yumenosaki Private Academy, 3-B
  • Shiratori Aira / Yumenosaki Private Academy, 1-A
  • Amagi Hiiro / Yumenosaki Private Academy, 2-B, Unit Leader
  • Kazehaya Tatsumi / Reimei Academy, 3-B


This unit is led by Amagi Hiiro’s older brother, Amagi Rinne. The motif is the bee that can fly around freely. There used to be only two members, the leader Rinne and Niki but after debut, two more joined them. Each has the second job or the specific ability other than being idols.
From the left,
  • Oukawa Kohaku / Reimei Academy, 1-S
  • Amagi Rinne / graduate, Unit Leader
  • HiMERU / Shuuetsu Academy, 3-S
  • Shiina Niki / graduate
The leaders of these two units are the brothers! I’ve heard that some of the new members have some kind of relationship with the current members……? What is it going to be like? Can’t wait, huh?
Oki-doki! This is all for today! Which Ensemble Stars! would you like to try, basic or music~!?
I’ll see you guys at the next article! Bye~!!

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