【Meitantei Conan】The Info of Movie This Year Announced! Let’s Get a Little Taste of The Scarlet Bullet!

Hi guys! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!
What do you think is the Anime that I look forward to watching most every year~?
The answer is……?
YES!! It’s a Meitantei Conan Series!
This year, the vol. 24 of the movie, The Scarlet Bullet, will be released!

【Meitantei Conan】
The Info of Movie This Year Announced!
Let’s Get a Little Taste of The Scarlet Bullet!

※Please note that the release date is currently postponed. Wait for the upcoming info about the official release date!
It’ll be still a little far ahead but this movie version Meitantei Conan, which releases every spring, is the movie Anime that I look forward to most in a year! The most focused chara are always decided beforehand and this year…… finally! That family will be focused!!

Finally the most focused one!
Let me feature Akai Family today!

I mean, finally!
I’ve been waiting for this moment!!!! Finally!!!!
The Akai family, full of mysteries both in the original and Anime, has finally been selected as the main character in the movie! The secret of this family is not clear even in the latest episode but we picked out some info that we know here!
※This includes the latest spoilers! Watch out!!!

Mother: Mary

A mother in the Akai family, 53 years old.
Even though she had a well-endowed adult body more than ten years ago, now she is in the body of an elementary school child. She might have taken the medicine, APTX4869, which Conan was forced to take too. Every time she appears, she looks weak, coughing from time to time.
Currently, she stays at a hotel, looking for the “medicine” which will make her back to normal.

Oldest son: Akai Shuichi

He, 32-year-old, is an FBI agent. He joined the FBI to look for his father, Akai Tsutomu, who had disappeared.
He is excellent at shooting and just as clever as Conan. That is why he is thought to be a major figure to be killed by the Black Organization.
He has once faked his own death when they were trying to kill him. Therefore, only Conan and some FBI agents know the fact that “Akai Shunichi is still alive”. Now, he keeps himself disguised as Okiya Subaru and is looking for the mystery of the Black Organization with Conan.

Second oldest son: Haneda Shukichi

He, 28-year-old, is a famous professional shogi player in Japan.
He was adopted by Haneda family after he graduated high school so now he calls himself Haneda. He is the boyfriend of Miyamoto Yumi and loves her so much. He is more expressive than any other members in Akai family but Masumi says he is the cleverest one and a “genius”.
Oh by the way, this is how he looks without the glasses. Yeah, I can tell that he looks like someone, huh?
And one more thing! He is another one besides his older brother, Shunichi, who doesn’t know where his mother, Mary, is. (Since Mary started keeping herself hidden, she stopped contacting to any children except for Masumi intentionally)

Oldest daughter: Sera Masumi

She, 16-year-old, is a high school detective, who came back from Britain.
Now she is in the same class as Mouri Ran and her fighting skill is just as high as Ran. She does have great reasoning power but not as much as Conan. She has both a sociable and a boy-like personality. But she tends to be get involved with troubles since she never goes easy on criminals or those who hurt her loved ones.
Currently, she stays at a hotel with her mother, Mary. She is the only one who knows where Mary is but has no idea if her older brother, Shunichi, is alive or not. She investigates the medicine which can makes Mary back to normal on her own, while getting involved with various incidents with Conan.
Her double tooth when she smiles is so cute, by the way.
As you see now, all the members of Akai family stay separately. But for this movie!! All four members will get together……!? I mean, they might not but they will possibly be connected closer than ever before!
I just can’t! Can’t wait!
What is it going to be like…… Let’s wait for the upcoming info!
Even though it won’t release spring like every year, the author, Aoyama Gosho Sensei gave all the fans a message like this!


“Sorry for those who were looking forward to this release!”
“Please wait for a little more until it releases!!”
“We now have been in a difficult situation but let’s just relax and do our best we could now~~~~!!!”

There is not much that I can do now but I guess I should be careful to stay healthy both physically and mentally so we can enjoy watching the movie when it releases! We definitely need a break too!
So you guys! Let’s wait for Conan’s movie and try our best!
Oki-doki! I’ll see you guys at the next article! Bye~!

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