【Twisted Wonderland】A Special Number for the Characters Vo.1!! Ver. Heartslabyul Dormitory!

Hi guys! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!
Have you heard of the New app game, Twisted Wonderland, whose motif is Disney villains ,which I shared in the previous article the other day?
【Twisted Wonderland】Another Villains’ Story.
Did you know that this Twisted Wonderland is now super HOT in Japan? The secret of popularity is that not only the storyline but each character also has a detailed setting!
……So today, I’ll share such chara appearing in Twisted Wonderland with you guys by their dorm! I’ll especially focus on chara in Heartslabyul Dormitory, whose motif is【Alice in Wonderland】!!

【Twisted Wonderland】
A Special Number for the Characters Vo.1!!
Ver. Heartslabyul Dormitory!

What kind of dorm is the Heartslabyul Dormitory?

Heartslabyul was founded on the severity of “the Queen of Hearts”.
The students who are assigned in this dorm have to follow the rules by the Queen of Hearts. All the rules (under Article 810) really don’t make sense such as “The tea after meal has to be a lemon tea with two pieces of cube sugar”, “They must not eat marron tart at ‘the party held on normal days’”, and they are monitored very strictly under these rules every day.
The current leader: Riddle Rosehearts (2nd grader)
The current sub leader: Trey Clover (3rd grader)
The player will get deeply involved with the members of Heartslabyul Dormitory in Chapter 1 of the story! This dorm is famous for having its own strict rules but at the same time, some students just deal with them leniently too! Alright then! Let’s get started!

Riddle Rosehearts
2nd grader: the leader of the dorm

He is a 17-year-old boy, who is the leader of the Heartslabyul Dormitory.
He is very strict both to himself and to others. He gives punishment to those who breaks the rule, using his unique magic called【Off with Your Head】, so all the members of the Heartslabyul Dormitory are afraid of him.
However, he is actually pure, just like a normal 17-year-old boy. He is always calm with an expressive face. Since he is very serious about his schoolwork, he keeps No.1 in academic performance. He always tries to be a model student but he sometimes shows his true color especially to those who he feels close such as his childhood friends……
By the way, his favorite food is tarts but he really doesn’t have a chance to eat any since he always tries to be a model student in front of everybody.

Ace Trappola
1st grader

He just entered the Heartslabyul Dormitory this year. 1st grader.
He is cheerful and so insensitive that he just says what he wants to say directly to people, so sometimes, what Ace says change things better or worse.
He is such a smart cookie that he knows everything about the school because his older brother is a former Heartslabyul student too. He’s also very sneaky…… Since he is involved with one incident with the 1st graders and the player, you tend to spend more time with him in the beginning.

Deuce Spade
1st grader

He is a 1st grader student who entered NIGHT RAVEN COLLEGE to be a magician. NIGHT RAVEN COLLEGE never allows those who have no talents so he does have some kind of talent hidden in himself.
He is now very serious and quiet but he used to be a delinquent in middle school. He really wants to hide that side form his past but some well-informed students know that secret. Being a 1st grader, just like Ace, he is involved with one incident with the player in the beginning of the story, so they usually hang out together.
His hobby is a magic bike. He can even maintenance and fix it. Even though he tries to perform well academically, his grade is not that good.

Trey Clover
3rd grader: the sub leader of the dorm

He is a 3rd grader, who is the sub leader of the Heartslabyul Dormitory. Riddle, who is the leader of the dorm, is his childhood friend, so he usually follows him. His personality is very calm and recognizes himself as a “normal” boy.
Since Riddle is his childhood friend, he knows his past, which unables him to scold him much. That’s why sometimes people say “he is spoiled”, which he feels uncomfortable about.
Since his parents own a pastry shop, he is good at making cakes. The cakes which you can see in the party of the Heartslabyul Dormitory, are usually made by him. He is a good sense of smelling too and hates to have cavities, so he is knowledgeable about brushing teeth.

Cater Diamond
3rd grader

Cater is an easy-going and peppy third-year. He is an avid social media user and keeps up with all the latest trends, by taking and posting various pictures and checking peoples’ posts.
He sometimes supports another third-grader, Trey, who is the sub leader of the dorm. He is sociable like that. However, he is cleverer than Ace and sneaky too.
He loves to go to various cafés but he really doesn’t like sweets.
In the Chapter 1 of Twisted Wonderland, all the players get involved with one incident, happening in this Heartslabyul Dormitory!
The players, who were summoned from the different world, will start looking for the ways to go back to their world, studying hard as the students of NIGHT RAVEN COLLEGE. Then as time goes by, they will get involved with one incident along with Ace and Deuce, also the students of Heartslabyul Dormitory……!
Chapter 1 was awesome with so much attractions of the Characters and various settings, unique to the original “Alice in Wonderland”……!!
To me…… I love Riddle-Kun but Trey-Kun is cute too!!
Anyhow, Chapter 1 has a scenario where you can enjoy this unique worldview so I understand so many people get addicted to this story!!
Oki-doki! This is all for today! I’ll see you guys at the next article!! Bye~!!

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