【Twisted Wonderland】A Special Number for the Characters Vol.2!! Ver. Savanaclaw Dormitory!

Hi guys! It’s time for Twisted Wonderland for this week~!! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!!
This is the article where I can show you the world and the characters of Twisted Wonderland in a clear and easy way! The dormitory I’ll feature today is…… a Savanaclaw Dormitory, whose motif is the worldview of The Lion King!

【Twisted Wonderland】A Special Number for the Characters Vol.2!! Ver. Savanaclaw Dormitory!

What Is Twisted Wonderland?
5 minutes and you’ll know how popular and attractive this new app is!
I want you guys to read the article for more details but…… Twisted Wonderland, now super hot in Japan, is a smartphone app game whose motif is the worldview of “Disney Villains”! You will see all kinds of characters here and there in the game! There is even a Mickey Mouse, hidden somewhere…… Yeah! It’s such an awesome game especially for the Disney lovers!

How about a Savanaclaw Dormitory, featured today?

It was founded on the stubbornness of the King of Beasts.
There is a class where only students, who are high skilled in sports and academic performances, are assigned. Not only humans but the beasts also come as the students. Since most students like competing or fighting, they tend to be thought to be a “group of delinquent students” by other boarders.
Look at the outside of the dorm! It’s so cool like the Savannah~!! Let’s take a look at more details!

Leona Kingscholar
3rd grader: The leader of the dorm

He is a third-year and the leader of Savanclaw Dormitory.
Since he is 20-year-old, he is not supposed to be in the third-year. Even though he repeated the year, he is actually in the top class both on academic and physical performances (if he puts his all into it). His attitude in class is not good, often skipping class and taking a nap during the class.
Actually, he is a princess in his home country but he doesn’t have the right of succession since he is the second princess. He appears to be a sarcastic person, and doesn’t like using much effort, constantly appearing lax and leisurely. Since he is a princess in the kingdom, the family environment is a little more complicated, compared to other students. His favorite food is meat, and the one he doesn’t like is vegetables. What he is good at is to go to sleep within three seconds.

Ruggie Bucchi
2nd grader

He is a second-year student and 17-year-old student in Savanaclaw Dormitory.
Even though he is a little mischievous, he cherishes the bond that he has created with his friends. He usually takes a good care of Leona, who is always lazy. (He does it not as a servant in the royal family but because he simply loves taking care of him.) Since he was raised in the poor family, he is good at cooking. He is able to create delicious dishes with originality quickly even when he doesn’t have many ingredients.
He loves money and goods so he gets hyper when he is making mineral or gold in alchemy class. He is also a thrifty person and always tries to get a discount for the food which will expire soon in the school store. His hobby is doing a part-time job and what he’s good at is fishing. He loves doughnuts.

Jack Howl
1st grader

He is a first-year student in Savanaclaw Dormitory.
He is a tough delinquent who strictly adheres to hierarchy of power and strives to increase his own strength. He obeys someone who he admits is higher in strength but doesn’t obey someone who is lower in strength. (Literally, a wolf-like personality) Not only sports but he also has been seriously working on studying so his academic performances are very good. When it comes to competing, he challenges fairly, never cheating against the opponent. Even though he appears to be delinquent, he is actually very serious.
He basically has a common sense but when he works at the restaurant, he wore a “very white laboratory coat” since he was told to wear “a clean outfit.” He might have a common sense but sometimes a little off. By the way, he works so hard at his part time job, so he is evaluated so highly.
He is a little too serious but he cares about people and such a dependable person. When he has to judge something, he never listens to others, instead, he always focuses on deciding “under his permissible range.” His hobby is to grow cactus. What he is good at is to snowboard.
I played the Chapter 2, where they appeared but…… it was so interesting! It focused more on adding the “villains” taste to the story, compared to Chapter 1! It gives you the explanation of the Lion King, which is also a motif of this dorm, allowing people, who don’t even know the original, to get into the worldview……!
After going through the incident in Chapter1, the player is allowed to stay there as a “prefect” at school, even though the player cannot use magic. While the player is searching for the way to get back to the previous world, “Magical Shift” which is the competition of magic and sports, is held.
However, more and more representative players from each dorm for Magical Shift get injured and turn down the participation. The player is ordered by the principal Crowley to investigate why it was happning but……?
I mean…… It was such a good story. I would say the Chara are better, than the story itself. They are super attractive, you know? The individuals and the backgrounds of each character are created perfectly! And they matches with the Disney perfectly too, which makes this story fun and makes us excited and moved at the end…… I hope it will be made into anime~ For those who don’t play app, please read this! Feel the world of Disney and experience the newly-created Villains’ world as well!
Check the Vol. 1 too!
【Twisted Wonderland】A Special Number for the Characters Vo.1!! Ver. Heartslabyul Dormitory!
Oki-doki! This is all for today! I’ll see you guys at the next article!

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