【Twisted Wonderland】A Special Number for the Characters Vo.3!! Ver. Octavinelle Dormitory!

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Oh well, let’s leave that aside for now! Aaand, today! Here’s the Vol.3 of the series【Twisted Wonderland】, which has been super hot and famous that the goods get sold out immediately!!

【Twisted Wonderland】A Special Number for the Characters Vo.3!!
Ver. Octavinelle Dormitory!

For those who want to know more about Twisted Wonderland, check this out! It’s an easy and fun article about Twisted Wonderland!!
【Twisted Wonderland】Another Villains’ Story.

What Is Octavinelle Dormitory?

It’s inspired by the world of “The Little Mermaid.”
It was founded on the “pity” of the Sea Witch. Octavinelle dorm is located in the sea so the boarding students usually look like humans by taking medicines but their actual figures are mostly mermaid. The students here started to manage the café called “Mostro Lounge” at school last year and they donate 10% of the profit to school.
Personally, I love this Octavinelle Dormitory the best when it comes to the exterior! I feel like I’m in the Disneyland! The interior decoration is gorgeous and Mostro Lounge that they own is so stylish too.!!
And of course, the boarding students, who are assigned in Octavinelle Dormitory, are so unique too……!

Azul Ashengrotto
2nd grader: the head of the dorm

He is a 17-year-old boy, always having a courteous attitude, using honorific to anybody.
He is the head of the dorm and manages the school’s café. He is not a genius in everything; rather, he is “a super diligent person who works hard on everything.” Every time he has the exam, he analyzes from the past exams of 100 years and go through everything so his academic performance stays on top. He never likes to owe anybody but when he has to do that, he wants to pay for what he owes. His hobby is collecting coins and what he is good at is mental arithmetic. He is super poor at riding a broom. His chancy riding is known to all the users. (He gives an excuse, saying that he hadn’t ridden a broom in the sea!)

Jade Leech
2nd grader: the vice head of the dorm

He is a 17-year-old boy, being gentle mannered, always talking with people in a courteous tone.
Floyd, who I will introduce later, is his twin brother. They both have characteristic odd eyes. He is also Azul’s assistant and Floyd’s stopper. He seems to be controlled by them but actually, he is the wicked one of all, by positively helping Azul do a trick or watching Floyd’s fighting with smiles. He, as well, is not good at sports since he came to land from the sea to go to school. (He even gives an excuse, saying he didn’t even have human legs before.) His hobby is to make terrariums. What he is good at is to make good tea. He was attracted by beauty and mystery of nature when he first came to land from the sea. He is very poor at riding a broom.

Floyd Leech
2nd grader

He’s Jade’s twin, a 17-year-old boy. He has the opposite odd eye to Jade.
He is such a moody person that when he is in a good mood, he can do anything, but when he is in a bad mood, he keeps failing.
Basically, his physical and academic performances are almost perfect but the grade is not consistent because of his changeable mood. If he thinks it’s fun, he positively joins it but if he thinks it’s boring, he just stops doing anything. He is a little troublemaker since he likes to make fun of other students. His hobby is to dance. What he is good at is parkour. He got into sports when he first came to land from the sea. But, he is very poor at riding a broom, even though he seems to be enjoying it.
The Disney characters who inspired these three are very clear, huh? They are inspired by their appearances too so you might be able to discover something new if you watch them to in details……!
You can see these three characters from Octavinelle Dormitory in the main story of Chapter 3 “The Merchant of the Deep Sea”!!
The final exam season came along. While the player was studying hard, other students somehow felt confident about getting good grades before the exam.
Asking them why they were that confident, one of them mentioned Azul Ashengrotto.
It seems like he can make any wishes come true. Whoever came to him, how difficult the wish seemed to be, Azul made every wish come true with a merciful heart, as if it was a story of the Hero, the “Sea Witch” and the “Little Mermaid”, who yearned for land……?
These three are especially the characters who have lots of fans in Japan~! After Chapter 3, many more people started playing Twisted Wonderland, I guess! As for the story itself, if you know the original story, The Little Mermaid, you might grin at some of the scenes……! Everything such as the lines, expressions, background and music are so detailed and special~!
By the way, there is a Mickey Mouse hidden in this picture below! Can you find him~?
Oki-doki! This is all for today! I’ll see you guys at the next article!

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