【Result】Kimetsu no Yaiba Character Popularity Vote!! Spoilers Accepted!! The Winner Chosen by the Fans Was THIS Chara!!

※Please note that some comments include spoilers until the final episode!
Hi guys!! Well, well……!! Thank you guys for waiting!! I’ve been looking forward to this moment when I can announce the results~!! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!!
So everyone! Thank you all for your precious votes and passionate comments! We really appreciate your joining it!! You know what? We enjoyed tallying up all your votes because the voting number was waaay more than we had expected and we also received your lovely comments!
Oops! I can’t make you wait any longer……! Thank you all for waiting! Who is the winner? Who is loved most? And why?? Let me share everything with you here!

【Announcement of the Result】Kimetsu no Yaiba Character Popularity Vote!! Spoilers Accepted!! The Winner Chosen by the Fans, Who Watched All the Way to the Final Episode, Was THIS Chara!!

Oki-doki! Let’s get started! Here comes the results of the Goods Republic “Kimetsu no Yaiba Character Popularity Vote, Vol.1”! With tons of passionate comments from all over the world,…… the brilliant 1st place goes to…… THIS Chara!!

1st place
Hashibira Inosuke

The brilliant 1st place goes to…… yeah! It’s literally unstoppable, just like the wild boar! He is the winner, beating everybody!! Congratulations~!!

Passionate Comments by the Fans!

  • He's funny and adorable
  • He's feral but his hearts in the right place
  • I just really like him
  • He's my son
  • He's angry and always yelling.
  • Just……real big chaotic energy. Gotta love it.
  • he's best boy
  • hehe funny boar man
  • He's absolutely cool!
  • I love his energy
  • because i like his face and his personality ! he is so funny
  • I love his attitude and his character development
  • His endearing personality, hehe
  • He's funny I love him!
  • He's honestly the funniest character in the show, and every moment he's on screen is golden.
  • He's funny
  • His sword's blades look brutal to slice & tear his foes. Plus, how many characters wear a boar mask just stands him out as unique.
As you can see in some comments, the best part of Inosuke is an incredible gap in him……! While he looks flashy with a costume of the wild boar, he is actually a beautiful boy! When we first met him, we used to think him as just like the beast, which could never speak to anybody. However, as he was getting used to communicating with everybody, he was actually such a dependable buddy for them, huh??
To me, I love the scene, where Inosuke was apologizing to everybody, like “I’m sorry”…… He’s so adorable, huh? Usually, his ears stand up straight but they were lying down at that moment, which was so cute……! This is one of the most attractive parts about Inosuke, right……? Of course, he is so strong in the battle, while in his normal life, he rushes recklessly, just like the wild boar! Such personalities must have resonated everybody, huh? He became the winner! Again, congrats!! We’ll look forward to your work in the movie, releasing in October too!
Already now! Let’s move on to the 2nd place!! Actually, he had been so close to the 1st place, Inosuke, until the very end! He’s got so many passionate comments from the world too~!! The splendid 2nd place is…… THIS Chara!!!!!

2nd place
Agatsuma Zenitsu

The splendid 2nd place goes to…… everybody’s boy! Agatsuma Zenitsu!!! Congratulations!!!! You should check out all the comments from the world! They are so funny! You will know why he’s loved this much!!

Passionate Comments by the Fans!

  • I like zenitsu's character development
  • He's awesome!
  • He cute
  • I like him and he is cute.
  • I love how he is so strong and jet full of fear. He has so much potential and its funny how he falls in love with every woman
  • he's funny
  • His character development!
  • Despite saying he's weak, he's honed his power into something strong. He is brave when he needs to be. He trains hard despite being scared.
  • he's blond 😌 / shares food / he's sweet, just needs to drink a bit more of respect women juice / shows his emotions (zenitsu says no to toxic masculinity 🧚) / he's blond ☺️ / i could probably throw him / loyal / tries his very best !!!! / wears yellow. and is blond 🥰 / steals things for u
  • funny, adorkable and badass
  • Zenitsu is a amazing character. His development throughout the series is just awesome and it's really easy to relate to him.
  • He's really dumb and sometimes a bit cringe, but he's really soft, and loves deeply his friends. He's scared about being too weak to protect or help people he loves but also always trying to do his best in any situation. I think it's really easy to relate to this character, that it's ok to being scared or feeling weak sometimes.
  • I find his abilities so amazing also I find zenitsu Funny
  • He's underrated
  • A crybaby but very loyal at the end of the day
I pretty much expected this! Anyways, he is funny!! Everybody said so in the comments, huh? The best part about him is that he adds a rough high-toned voice and laughter to such a savage story, Kimetsu no Yaiba! But you know what? When he means it, he’s so cool and hot……!
Sometimes, he is a little bit too loud, but when he believes someone, he becomes very serious and looks so cool…… We can see that side of him both in anime and the episodes after the anime series too. I’m sure he will appear in the movie too! We can’t wait for his great work, huh??
We are attracted by him because he shows us his bad side as well as his cool side! You’ve got the 2nd place! Again, congrats!
Already now…… here we go! The 3rd place goes too…… I’m guessing THAT chara got ranked in! I’m sure you all have two Chara in mind, no? Alright! Let me announce it!! The glorious 3rd place! He’s got kindness, strength and being a little off! It’s invincible! That’s HIM!!

3rd place
Tomioka Giyuu

Whoaaaaa!!!!! Actually, he was ranked in the 4th place right before the voting was closed but then! He climbed up to the 3rd place at the very end!! Congratulations!! Let’s take a look at the comments!! Here’s the cheer-up comments for Giyuu-San from all over the world!!

Passionate Comments by the Fans!

  • He just so perfect<3
  • I love kudere character.
  • Spicy boy
  • best boy.
  • I think Giyuu's really nice. I know the joke is that none of the other Hashira like him, but I like him!
  • Giyuu went through a lot and understood the sibling sacrifice between Tanjirou and Nezuko, which he also experienced. He is a great character, and he is also handsome.
  • He's a blunt person who sticks to himself so the rest of the pillars don't like him, but in reality he's an honest guy who's really kind
  • He needs a hug so bad
  • I love how he trusted his master and so he decided to trust nezuko and tanjiro. He saw before his eyes something that hasn't been seen before and later on took the risk of getting killed to save Nezuko and Tanjiro. Plus he's cute😅❤️
  • He's really cool!
  • He was the reason KnY became a series if it wasn't for him sparing Nezuko & helping Tanjiro become a demon slayer then Muzan would've won in the end
  • Perfection
  • Hes best boi
  • Cool
  • He's brave and an adorable hottie
  • Giyuu was brave, and he's actually such a soft guy, just very reserved. He deserves a lot of love!
Remember, the story, Kimetsu no Yaiba, started from Giyuu-San’s kindness…… If he wanted the strength and justice, instead of believing other peoples’ kindness or the strength of the bond, I’m sure Kimetsu no Yaiba would have ended with episode 1. I think he is the one who taught us what the strength, the uncertainty and the true kindness are……!
To me, I like the scene, where he showed us kindness and strictness in episode 1 but I also like the scenes, where we found out he was actually a little off or where he acted a teacher at Kimetsu no Yaiba Gakuen, which sometimes aired at the end of the anime series. He shows us a little silly part in such a peaceful world.
Okay! So those are the TOP 3 Chara! For this voting, though, we had so many options (characters), so the voting actually came apart……! Oki-doki! Then take a look at the rest of the results!

4th place
Kamado Tanjirou


Passionate Comments by the Fans!

  • Kindness
  • Best MC!
  • He is such a hard working good boy. I just want to support him in everything he does.
  • I really like his character design
  • tanjirou is too wholesome, and i tend not to like main characters OTL
  • Precious good boy
  • tanjiro i lobe him sm hes so precious he deserves the world aidbakdbja
  • Well the reason I pick Tanjiro is because is kind nature to everyone, even feels bad for the demons who was force to be turn into a demon.He really does care for his sister which I have to say it's so cute.Also he never gives up on his goals and to achieve it.He been through a lot like him and his sister lost their family because of Muzan which I have to say he's my favorite villain and he always give me shivers.Tanjiro never show his fear unless something bad is about to happen to his sister or his friends.So that's why he's my favorite character in Demon Slayer ^-^
  • Stan Kamado Tanjirou thats why
  • Tanjirou is one of the most endearing and entertaining characters in the show.
  • Tanjiro is truly a good kiddo! His growth throughout the series was spectacular but he always retained that kindness he started with which is what really makes him stand out. There needs to be more good beans like that!
  • He is a good big brother!
  • He's the main character and he's a great big brother and friend.
  • I love his personality! He is every girl dream guy! Honest, caring, cute, strong, Straightforward
  • Such a good older brother looking out for family, also very kind to new people and works very hard
  • Strength of character and just a good person!
  • His unwavering determination to get through any difficult or dangerous situation, facing it head on. He's mentally and emotionally strong.

5th place
Kamado Nezuko


Passionate Comments by the Fans!

  • cute death bringer
  • Nezuko is best girl
  • She is soooo cute
  • Just— it's Nezuko. C'mon.
  • She is such a good girl/demon.
  • for a character who doesn't speak she is so expressive, deadly and cute in the one package
  • Super cute!
  • She's so cute.
  • She is super pretty and stronk. I really love her so much <3
  • She's beauty, she's grace, she will kick you in the face!
  • Kawaii

6th place
Kochou Shinobu


Passionate Comments by the Fans!

  • Despite being physically fragile, she still stands strong and she still shines, she shows us that you dont have to do exactly what others do, because there's always something else you can be good at. She showed her making poisons and antidotes and she clearly has helped so many people heal. Despite everything she went through, she tried to keep her anger inside in honour of her sister's memory. Despite her anger, her vengefulness, she still managed to show kindness to others, she still accepted Nezuko. She invited both Nezuko and Tanjiro to stay at her place, even if she might have a grudge against demons in general. And in the end she sacrificed herself for the “greater good”, even if that meant leaving her little sister behind. And even when she decided on this, she still cared much more for Kanao's sight than her life, all Kanao wanted to do was to protect her. She was one of the ones that impacted the ridiculously wild Inosuke, who wasn't too used to being treated with such care and delicacy. HE ACTUALLY REMEMBERED HER NAME and also fought for her sake. Point being, I love her because she was such a powerful and badass character who was ridiculously kind and impactful to others despite her prior experiences. Thank you.
  • She can kick ass even though she's small compared to the other pillars and I stan a queen
  • She's a queen. Please look down on me!
  • I love this strong, intelligent female character with tragic background so much. She literally runs the Demon Slayer Corps' hospital and provides a home to the unfortunate girls
  • Nice design and great character.
  • badass scientist wife
  • Best girl, to honest. Strong, independent female character is all we need in this era.

7th place
Rengoku Kyoujurou


Passionate Comments by the Fans!

  • His courage and his genuine kindness towards others. He isn't afraid to fight for what is right. We may not have seen as much of him as one of the main characters but in that short time I cam to love his passion and drive.
  • He's so pure and caring and I would die for him
  • His personality is what stood out to me and I only wished he had more time to see him shine. I also liked his personality the most.
  • Even though he has been deceased for a long while, Rengoku is still my favorite! His kindness & strength continues to encourage the others even after his death. He is such a sweet, unique, & fun character, and he holds a very dear place in my heart. He's like sunshine! 💕
  • He's a very motivational character and has strong likeable personality!
  • Rengoku first of all has the most beautiful design of all the characters and his personality is always so happy and bright. It makes me smile whenever he's on screen!
  • He's a cool and kindhearted character that looks out for his loved ones.
  • He's the best with his kindness strength and determination
  • Baby boy

8th place
Kanroji Mitsuri


Passionate Comments by the Fans!

  • She cute
  • I really love her design, her personality, the fact she has ‘unfeminine' qualities but that it's clear those are perfectly fine
  • im in love w her
  • She's absolutely adorable! She cares you and luvs her bby snek boi♡! uwuwu
  • She is a cute badass
  • Best Waifu

8th place
Tokitou Muichirou


Passionate Comments by the Fans!

  • He's the cutest
  • I really liked his character development and I think he emphasises an important aspect to the manga about how we should not give into apathy, even if we're not being pessimistic :') he's just really sweet
  • My boywife
  • sassy and did him dirty
  • he's just a little boy.
  • He's just so PRECIOUS!!!
  • He has an interesting personality and development

10th place
Tsuyuri Kanao


Passionate Comments by the Fans!

  • English Voice Actor
  • I chosed Kanao because I relate to her
  • So needs more love and attention
11th place: Shinazugawa Genya
  • me kin id
  • He's baby
  • Really cool powers, and secretly very cute
  • I just love him! I like how different his personality is from how he looks :)
  • He had fantastic character develpment and grown from a hurt, bitter boy to a caring, loving and protective young man. In reality, all he wanted was the love and acknowledgement of his brother, which he misunderstood as a small child and eventually came to understand his actions and wanted nothing more than to connect back with him and apologize for his mistake. He died a hero, in his brother's arms, and it was probably the scene that made me cry most in the manga!
12th place: Sabito
  • he's hot
  • He was so young and yet he was resolute about what he needed to do. His bravery saved so many people during final selection. He is also an important figure in Tanjiro‘s and Giyuu's lives despite having already passed on.
12th place: Uzui Tengen
  • Have you seen his arms? I just want to get crushed by those meaty arms.
  • Hot
  • He's great
14th place: Doma
  • I hate him but I love him
  • It's contradictory. Doma is my favourite character just for his standalone character. But I prefer other characters due to their relationships and character building etc etc
  • horny
15th place: Iguro Obanai
  • Deep backstory that made him the character that he is, great personality and a really interesting character
  • his eyes
15th place: Shinazugawa Sanemi
  • Sanemi means a lot to me, seeing everything he's gone through and still able to fight in the end really makes me feel like I can too. He's also very handsome and caring which makes me love him even more.❤️❤️
  • I can't breathe without him
The characters shown below were unfortunately not ranked in this time but we’ve got so many passionate comments for them too!
Kibutsuji Muzan
Tsugikuni Yoriichi
Senjurou Rengoku
  • he's really really cute and needs some love
Swamp Demon (Swamp Oni)
  • Love his aesthetic and his VA
  • The designs of all his bodies are great and so is his seiyuu. The 1st one is my favorite! Isn't his choker super fashionable?
  • She is unique among the other demons for many reasons. Her relationship with Muzan seems to be by far the most stable and positive one too. Nakime posesses a pleasant combination of sass and self-restraint when dealing with the upper moons, and she doesn't have a problem with admitting a mistake. Her blood demon art is by far the most amazing one in the series and it was a grave mistake to not use it to its full potential. Her backstory, sadly, is shrouded in mystery as well, but if we can go by the indirect clues and hints we got, a lot can be made out. Her design is aesthetically pleasing and works exceptionally well with her abilities and overall feel. As a whole, she feels like a very collected character who knows and accepts her place and has utmost admiration and devotion to Muzan, despite rarely being actually properly noticed. She still, however, gets more attention and tolerance than most demons, meaning Muzan sees something of great value in her, and I think we, as viewers and readers, should pay her more attention (my girl doesn't even have a single piece of merch 😭)
  • because daki is best girl / just kidding, i just think she's an amazing character and deserves more appreciation: her design is one of the most beautiful in the series, blood demon art is glamourous and versatile just like her and when she is not having outbursts she's shown to be seductive and sadistic / also her sibling bond with gyutaro is my favorite cause it's so tragic, they made me tear up lol
  • sexy
  • he's my husband
  • colored like monster energy drink
Kanzaki Aoi
  • pinkie pie hair
I have to say that we’ve received so many votes and comments with love from you! Thank you so…… so…… much……! Kimetsu no Yaiba came to an end but the movie version is coming up and maybe Season 2 might air too……!! As you can see, we did receive this many votes and comments from around the world for this individual popularity vote! So…… I’m sure this is a wonderful title, which represents the year 2020! We will still recommend this to more people and will be waiting for the upcoming announcement!
Let’s root for Kimetsu no Yaiba together from now on! Thank you so much again for voting and thank you to people who waited for the results and read this article too!! Let’s look forward to the movie version too~!!
Oki-doki! This is all for today! I’ll see you guys at the next article!

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