【Summer 2020】Dress Up Summer Outfits Stylishly! A Special Number for Anime×Games×T-shirts!

Hi guys! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!
Today, I’ll feature little rare Anime Goods…… Uhh…… it’s not rare, huh? I meant the ones that I haven’t featured for a long time! Here comes the latest item by category!
So guys! It’s July now, meaning it’s SUMMER! Various Anime×Games×T-shirts are now releasing for the summer in Japan!!! So today! I’ll share various T-shirts that are perfect for the summer! Don’t miss this chance!

【Summer 2020】Dress Up Summer Outfits Stylishly! A Special Number for Anime×Games×T-shirts! Let’s Check Out the Latest T-shirts for Summer!

You can casually wear them when you go out! You can wear them as your PJs too! Here is one of the fashion items: T-shirts, that you can wear in various occasions!
Let’s start with this first!! About 40,000 T-shirts are now available at Goods Republic!! As for the T-shirts, the most-released and popular Anime titles are these!
Kimetsu no Yaiba・Love Live! Sunshine!!・Meitantei Conan…… and MORE!! 40,000 NEW T-shirts for SUMMER Are Now being Released!

Most-Released ones!
Here are the Anime titles being released on various T-shirts!

Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)
Love Live! Sunshine!!
Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)
Fate/Grand Order
What’s more? Mafuyu’s recommendations! I picked out the ones with cute patterns! The ones with Anime’s illustrations are cute, but why don’t you try the ones with more detailed patterns too~?
T-shirts - PROMARE / Galo Thymos Size-L
T-shirts - Haikyuu!! / Karasuno High School Size-XL
T-shirts - My Hero Academia / Midoriya Izuku Size-L
T-shirts - Osomatsu-san / Todomatsu Size-L
…… And I know how you guys feel. Of course, you want cute and stylish T-shirts but…… it has to be the one which is as cheap as possible, right? Here’s the button that you can use in that case! It’s THIS!!
First, select your favorite T-shirts and Anime title, then push the “Price: Low to High” button……
Guess what? You can check your favorite Anime title’s T-shirts from least to most expensive! Of course, this button applies to other items categories too! Try to use this button so you can find the best T-shirts for you!

Sort, using the button “Price: Low to High”! Mafuyu’s recommendations! Here are some reasonable T-shirts!!

T-shirts - Demon Slayer / Kamado Tanjirou Size-XL
T-shirts - My Hero Academia / Bakugou Katsuki Size-S
T-shirts - Re:ZERO / Ram Size-XL
T-shirts - Gintama / Sakata Gintoki Size-XL
Why don’t you prepare for SUMMER with various Anime Goods!?
Oki-doki! This is all for today~!!

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