【5~7 Dollars!】Cheap! Convenient! Smart!! Sharing the Latest Goods Display and Goods Supplies!

Hi guys! I’m so happy that more and more latest anime goods are being released recently! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!!
Some of the goods which were postponed to release, are gradually starting to release~!!
Updated Every Day! Check HERE for the Latest Goods!! New Arrivals Jul 2020!!
If you want to display these attractive goods, make use of the Goods Display and Goods Supplies! They are the reasonable categories, where you can display your cute anime goods more conveniently or store them smart!
Goods Display
Goods Supplies
And for today’s article…… I’ll share NOW-HOT Goods Display and Goods Supplies, that are cheap, convenient, and also you can display your goods more conveniently with them!

【5~7 Dollars!】Cheap! Convenient! Smart!! Sharing the Latest Goods Display and Goods Supplies!

You Can Store Even Bigger Badges!
Get THIS to display badges more pretty and stylishly!

【7 Dollars】Display Case ( Inside dimension : 54mm )
【7 Dollars】Display Case
The most popular goods among all the Goods Display I’m sharing today is this badge case! It’s slightly larger than the ones which used to be available at Goods Republic! And recently, you see more big-size-badges such as 53mm~54mm so check the numbers of the badges you want to display and get the case(s)!

Display a Plastic Folder, just like a photo stand!
Two Goods Supplies, where you can display a Plastic Folder stylishly!

【7 Dollars】Plastic Folder Stand
This Goods Supply is brand new too! It’s a photo stand type Plastic Folder Stand, where you can remove the goods inside easily and display it either horizontally or vertically! Of course, you can use this for other purposes too! So it might be a “must” convenient item~!

Store Smart? Get THIS!
Plastic Folder Case and Illustration Panel Case!

【7 Dollars】Goods Supplies - Plastic Folder File
【5 Dollars】Goods Supplies
This one is a must item for those who have collected too many Plastic Folders or Illustration Panels! You can store them smart! If you store them in this Case, you don’t have to fold your goods and you can also put this whole thing in the shelf too so if you plan to get multiple Plastic Folders of Illustration Panels, get this one too!

Let’s go out with you anime goods!
Just put your goods in these Goods Supplies and it will look stylish!

【7 Dollars】Cover Key chain (57mm): Heart / Pink
Cover Key chain (57mm): Heart / Black
Cover Key chain: Rectangle / Black
Cover Key chain: Rectangle / White
Cover Key chain: Cat / Black
Cover Key chain: Star / White
【7 Dollars】Ita-Bag Base
This one just became available at Goods Republic! They’re the Goods Supplies, where you can carry anime goods, and it also looks even cuter! The first one is the convenient case, where you can carry badges as a keychain! The second one is a mini bag, where you can see small plushies through the little windows! You have options in sizes and colors so get what you want! You can see through it on the back too~!!
Ita-Bag Base: S / Pink
Ita-Bag Base: M / Pink
Ita-Bag Base: L / Pink
Ita-Bag Base: S / White
Ita-Bag Base: M / White
Ita-Bag Base: L / White
Ita-Bag Base: S / Black
Ita-Bag Base: M / Black
Ita-Bag Base: L / Black
Mafuyu’s most recommended one is a Plastic Folder Stand! This is super convenient!! You can display it either horizontally or vertically, and also remove the goods inside so easily! So awesome!!
So you guys! Why don’t you try a gorgeous decoration in your room, making full use of these newly-released Display Goods~!!
Oki-doki! I’ll see you guys at the next article! Bye~!!

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