【Love Live!】Congrats! Now Animated! Love Live! Let’s Check Out Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai’s Members!

Hi guys! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!
……Let me ask you this! Do you know who these girls are!?
These nine girls are…… yeah……! The members who belong to the Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai from Love Live!!
The reason why I want to introduce them is…… Yes! It will be made into anime as a part of the new Love Live! Project!

【Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen】Congrats! Now Animated! Love Live! Let’s Check Out Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai’s Members!

What Is the Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai?

It’s a new school idol unit, formed by three girls who were elected by the popularity vote in smartphone app and another app in Love Live! Idol Festival, and six girls who were newly selected.
Literally, they all go to Nijigasaki Gakuen while some of them belong to another club, besides this school idol Doukoukai. One of the biggest characteristics is that there is no such thing as the leader in this school idol Doukoukai, meaning each idol gather individually and work on their activities together.
Nine girls don’t form one group so they don’t have any group names like “μ's” or “Aqours”, but they work on their activities by 2 ~ 4 separated units!
Meaning, they are the biggest rivals as well as buddies!
They announced the other day that the new anime series (Love Live! Series), focusing on them, will be produced. Can’t wait to watch it, huh??

2nd grader

Uehara Ayumu

Her image color is light pink and her motto is “sincerity”.
She is a calm and hardworking girl that puts her everything into what she does. Her school grades are not bad but she is very girly being good at cooking or knitting. Even though there are no leaders in Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai, she appears most in media.

Miyashita Ai

Her image color is super orange. Her motto is “smiles”.
She is a “gyaru” type girl, loving rock. Looking very flashy, she is actually cheerful and friendly. She values honor and human kindness and loves her grandmother. She is good at sports and often helps other sports clubs’ activities. Though she is cheerful, she actually gets so nervous before the concert that she sometimes even cries. Unlike how she looks, she is adorable.

Yuki Setsuna

Her image color is red. Her motto is “I mean it”.
She looks more mature than she really is, with a mysterious atmosphere. However, when she smiles, she looks like a little girl. She loves anime and games and is crazy about anime songs. Basically, she is a hardworking girl when it comes to studying but she is desperately poor at cooking.

3rd grader

Asaka Karin

Her image color is loyal blue. Her motto is “sexy”.
She is the oldest of nine girls, aiming to be a model with her super sexy appearance. That is why she always cares about her diet and everything to keep a good shape. She is taking the apparel course and also in charge of costumes in Doukoukai. She seems to be doing perfect on everything but actually……?

Konoe Kanata

Her image color is violet. Her motto is “easygoing”.
She used to attend the different school but transferred to Nijigasaki Gakuen. She always looks sleepy but gets energetic when she cooks and plays with her younger sister. Since she has a younger sister, she is a very caring big sister. She is so kind that she looks after others. When she is sleepy, she never stands out but when she’s not, she is super hyper, communicating with others.

Emma Verde

Her image color is light green. Her motto is a “comfort”.
She also transferred to this school. She loves mountains and nature in her hometown. Since she came to this school from overseas, aiming for becoming a school idol, she is motivated more than anybody when it comes to the idol activities. When she is in the middle of the formation, she positively tries to stand out. Even though she can speak Japanese with no problems, there are still many things she doesn’t know about Japanese cultures. She is the oldest of eight siblings, so she is also a caring big sister.

1st grader

Nakasu Kasumi

Her image color is light pink. Her motto is a “little demon”.
She loves anything cute. She yearns for the school idol most among all the members. She hates to lose and tries to make herself look good so she often becomes competitive with other members during the idol activities. She loves to get in someone’s hair, so she often does that to her members too but she usually gets on in return. Most of the time, she ends up being screwed over her own trick.

Osaka Shizuku

Her image color is light blue. Her motto is a “skilled actress”.
She is a level-headed and mature honor student when it comes to academic performances and sports. She joined this Doukoukai so she can make use of school idol’s skills to her performance in the drama club, which she also belongs to. She is so passionate about acting that she cannot stop talking about acting once she starts. She has a common sense but can often be controlled by other unique Doukoukai’s members……

Tennoji Rina

Her image color is white. Her motto is “cute”.
She is a shy girl who is not good at expressiveness. Because of this, she hides her face with her “Rina-chan Board (with her drawn ‘face’)”, a sketchbook that she draws her emotions on. She loves anime and games and is good at operating precision machinery. Anyhow, she is not happy about showing her face. Whenever the board happens to come off, she panics both during the performances and in her everyday life.
So! The content of the smartphone app game “Love Live! School Idol Festival ALLSTARS” is that these nine girls, “μ's” and “Aqours” try hard on the school idol activities in the same timeframe!
For those who want to know more about these nine girls, try to play this app! It’s awesome that both “μ's” and “Aqours” exist along with these nine girls in the same timeframe, huh?
They haven’t announced when its anime is released yet but if we get the info, I’ll be sharing it with you! What is it anime going to be like? Excited, huh?
Oki-doki! I’ll see you guys at the next article!

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