【ALL BELOW SEVEN DOLLARS!】Get THIS To Display Plushie Stylishly & Conveniently!! Five Selected Cheap & Latest Plushie Display Goods!

Hi guys! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!!
Now it’s August! Have you been checking the latest Anime Goods~? Recently, more and more Goods of popular titles such as Twisted Wonderland, Kimetsu no Yaiba and Hypnosismic, have been released and available to pre-order~!!
Check HERE for Plushies, Released and Available to Pre-Order in August!
Here’s what! Some more NEW Display Goods, where you can get cheaper and display your Plushies cuter, have been released! All below 7 Dollars! These are the MUST Items for those who want to take pictures of your Plushie cuter and display them it more stylishly!!

【Plushie Display Goods】
Get THIS To Display Plushie Stylishly & Conveniently!! Five Selected Cheap & Latest Plushie Display Goods!

【7 Dollars】Plushie Stand
This is the most featured plushie stand in Japan.
They look like the strings but actually…… it’s got the bendable wires in them! If you bend them to support the clothes or back of the plushie, Voila! The plushie looks like it’s standing all alone!
Since it’s a string-type display goods, it won’t take much room. And the wires are thick and long, which allows you to use the big-size plushie too!
Why don’t you make use of this item when you take a picture of your plushie outside or want to have them stand up in your room?
【7 Dollars】Plush Clothes (Black Cat Type)
Take a look at this clothe! Guess what??? If you put your plushie inside of it, you can carry them together! You can also display them! It’s magical display goods, huh?
On top of it, there is a loop, where you can put the string through! So you can even put the plushie without the chain in here! You can also put a thumbtack through the loop and display it on the wall!!
Another Color・7 Dollars
Plush Clothes (Pink Rabbit Type)
【6 Dollars・Set of Two Pieces!】Plush Cover
This one is quite a simple plush cover!
All you do is to cover from the top so it’s super easy and quick to display and store your item!
(※It doesn’t come with a pedestal in the picture!)
There is a hole to put the keychain through on top of the cover! So you can carry your plushie with this cover, just like the regular keychain!
The one I’m sharing here is a little small: H17×D5cm (two pieces) so make sure if it fits your plushie before you get it!
【7 Dollars】Goods Display Case
This one is a display case, where you can put Figure (if you put it vertically) as well as plushie! The more ideas you have, the better! For instance, for a small Figure like a MochiMochi Mascot, you can put them horizontally like this……
The best part about the clear column-shape display case is that you can make it even more gorgeous and unique (like the only one in the world) by putting artificial flowers inside or sticking the coloring paper in the back!
What anime goods would you put and how would you display them~!?
【6 Dollars】Badge Pouch (57mm/ metal fitting is white)
Lastly, I’ll share another newly-released display goods!
This is particularly best to store Omanjuu Niginigi Mascot! It’s a coin-purse-like clear display & protecting case!
What’s more? There is a pocket that fits a 57mm Badge on side so it’s good for the display case to put the badge too!
Omanjuu Niginigi Mascot? Coin? Badge? What would you put in and how would you display it~?
Another Color・6 Dollars
Badge Pouch (57mm/ metal fitting is black)
Well! This is all for today!
More to come! Look forward to another article, featuring newly-released Display Goods~!
Oki-doki! I’ll see you guys at the next article! Bye~!

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