【Available for 5~10 Dollars!】Get THESE to Display & Carry Your Badges! Here Are Some Popular Display Items in Japan!

Hi guys! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!!
Guys!! Have you been trying to display your Badges!!???
Yeah~ I understand…… We usually use the safety pin in the back when we use badges but if that part is broken, we can never be able to display it well……! That’s why we tend to just store them, instead of displaying them, no……?
Here’s good news for you! I’ll share some attractive display items with you, where you can display your favorite Badges beautifully and easily, while protecting them from scratches!!!

【Available for 5~10 Dollars!】Get THESE to Display & Carry Your Badges! Here Are Some Popular Display Items in Japan!

How about “SHOWING” Your Badges??
The Best Case for the Display!

Allowing to display four pieces!
【7 dollars】Display Case
53mm × 174mm × 169mm
This case is very good when you display your badges and put them on the desk or the shelf! Your badges could be bigger, smaller or even have a variety of types……! But it’s fine! Because various sizes are available for you!
Plus, look! There is a support part in the back so it can stand on its own! When you actually display it, it’s so easy to open the case too! Since it’s a clear case, you can customize it to however you want it to be by putting ribbons or frills and doing some scribbles with a water-based pen~!
Allowing to display nine pieces!
【7 dollars】Display Case
Inside dimension : 54mm
Allowing to display six pieces!
【7 dollars】Display Case
61mm × 138mm × 199mm

Carry Them WIHTOUT Using the Safety Pins!
Badge Turns Into a Key Chain? Display Chain!

【5 dollars】Badge Folder
This item is good for those who want to display your Badges but don’t like to use the safety pin……!
Just by putting your Badges into the key chain’s case, you can carry your badges even without using the safety pin! Such a useful display item, huh? If you pick the right size, even the acrylic key chain can fit too! If you put the background paper in the case, it will look like your original item too!
Easy to carry! No damaging the safety pin! Those are the biggest attractions about this item! We carry three sizes with different numbers of the pockets so make sure you choose the right one for your Badges!
【5 dollars】Badge Folder
44mm / 4pockets
【5 dollars】Badge Folder
57mm / 2pockets
【5 dollars】Badge Folder
75mm / 2pockets

Key Chain Case! The Cover Itself Is So Cute!
Let’s Have Your Badge Turn Into a Cute One!

【7 dollars】Cover Key Chain
57mm / Heart-shaped / Pink
【7 dollars】Cover Key Chain
57mm / Heart-shaped / Black
This is so simple but such a cute display item! Since the cover itself has a cute shape, you can make your badges look so cute just by putting them in it! The sizes are a little bigger, compared to the regular Badges so maybe you can customize them by putting ribbons or light stones, which will make them more stylish too!
If you use a rectangle-shaped one, you can even put an acrylic stand or a rubber strap too! So those who want to carry your acrylic stand……!! This is it!
【7 dollars】Cover Key Chain
57mm / Rectangle-shaped / White
【7 dollars】Cover Key Chain
57mm / Rectangle-shaped / Black
【7 dollars】Cover Key Chain
57mm / Cat-shaped / Black
【7 dollars】Cover Key Chain
57mm / Star-shaped / White

Want to Just Store Them?
Badges Will Look Well-Organized!
Storage Holder!!

【10 dollars】Goods Supplies - Storage Holder
Actually, Mafuyu (me!) is using this one! This Storage Holder is super convenient! Since we can store our Badges just like books, it never requires room! When you want to make sure which Badge you have, you can look for them so easily just by turning the pages! This is super useful! It’s easy to carry too! If you pick the right size, you can even put your key chains or rubber straps too~!
【7 dollars】Refills
65mm × 70mm, 6 pocket, 3 Sheets
What’s more? The goods that I have shared before are also recommended when you store and display your Badges! They’re so simple so you can customize to however you like! It’s all up to your ideas!
Badge Turns Into a Pouch?
【6 dollars】Badge Pouch (White)
Badge Pouch (Black)
No Room Necessary and Display!!
【5 dollars】Wall Pocket
Oki-doki! This is all for today! I’ll see you guys at the next article!

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