【A3!】Five-Minute! And You’ll Know Everything about A3! The Members of the Winter Troupe Are All Abnormal……!?

Hi guys! Have you been enjoying Fall 2020 Anime~!? I’m a little overwhelmed now because I hear a lot of feedback from my office and people from social media, saying “Episode 1 of THIS Anime is so interesting!!” It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!

What should I do???
Fall 2020 Anime Is FULL of Awesome Series!!!!

【Fall 2020 Anime】Hypnosismic・Haikyuu!!・A3!…… and MORE! Picking Out the Best Fall Anime, Starting in October!
Well, yeah~ I should have learned more about each anime in advance……!! It’s refreshing that we see the brand-new anime but it’s moving to see the characters, whom we’re familiar with, are actually moving!
So today! We’ll learn about this series! A special number for A3! Members, Vol.4!

【A3!】Five-Minute! And You’ll Know Everything about A3! The Members of the Winter Troupe Are All Abnormal……!?

The biggest characteristic about the members of this Winter Troupe is that they are all grown-up (even though for some members, the age is uncertain & self-entitled age)! Other groups have grown-up members as well but this particular group only has the grown-up. That’s why they have a different attraction, compared to other groups when it comes to how they think, act and conflict with each other, which makes the story even deeper!

Tsukioka Tsumugi
月岡 紬

He is the 24-year-old leader of the Winter Troupe.
He currently does a tutor as a part-time job and has been struggling, aiming for becoming an actor, which he has given up before. He is very calm and modest in a good sense, while he is a little weak in a bad sense. He tends to be pushed by other peoples’ opinions but he’s passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to acting.
He’s still been dragging his experience from the past incident but tries to overcome it, which will lead to success of the Winter Troupes.

Takato Tasuku
高遠 丞

He is a 24-year-old man, belonging to the Winter Troupe.
He used to be a top level actor who belonged to the competitive company, GOD, of MANKAI company, however, due to a certain incident, he quits and joins MANKAI company.
He is a very manly and serious person. He tends to be clumsy on various things; however, he is very stoic and enthusiastic when it comes to acting.
He has known Tsumugi before he joined MANKAI company and he doesn’t like Tsugumi, having quit acting before.

Mikage Hisoka
御影 密

He is a 25-year-old (self-entitled) man, who collapsed in front of the theater. After he’s saved by the company, he ends up joining the Winter Troupe since there was nowhere to go for him.
He keeps his own pace and is able to sleep right away anywhere. He is very picky when it comes to his diet and loves marshmallow.
Even though he doesn’t talk much, he carries himself so easily. When he acts, his gestures look perfect with his own mysterious atmosphere he usually has.

Arisugawa Homare
有栖川 誉

He is a famous poet. He is 27-year-old and such an artistic man who has achieved the best seller works so many times.
He is so addicted to the art that he decided to join MANKAI Company right away when he watched the impromptu drama, performed by the Winter Troupe on the street.
He is often seen as a strange fellow for his sudden outbursts of poetry but he is a caring and kind big brother for other members at the same time. He always cares about Hisoka who always sleep anywhere, if he is not sleeping when he is not around.

Yukishiro Azuma
雪白 東

He is a member of the Winter Troupe, whose age is not shown in public.
The reason why he joined the company is very simple; because he thought “he was a little interested in acting,” but he always takes a special care when it comes to making himself look beautiful. (It’s not sarcastic way, though, but he never fails to take care of it.)
He basically keeps his own pace but rather, he is too calm. He is so calm that he never gets surprised. He accepts other peoples’ opinions but not too deeply. He is a cool beauty, where he takes a step back and looks at the big picture.
And! This Troupe is actually the crucial one, who holds Mankai Company’s fate!
This Troupe comes at the very end of the year, starting from the Spring Troupe! All the other three Troupes made it, being able to sell the tickets, and now it’s the Winter Troupe’s turn to have Mankai Company survive and have them pay for the debts!
However, there is someone who doesn’t like their brilliant achievement in MAKAI Company…… What is their final performance going to be like!?
I bet this scene will be perfectly depicted in anime too! I wonder how it will be depicted…… The main story of this Winter Troupe is so popular among its fans too! Don’t miss it out!
Oki-doki! This is all for today! I’ll see you guys at the next article!

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