【Jujutsu Kaisen】Original Comics Sold OVER 8,500,000 Copies!! Don’t Miss Out the Most Featured ‘Dark Fantasy’ Fall 2020 Anime!

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So today, I’ll be sharing one of such Fall 2020 Anime with you but…… Guess what? The original comics sold over 8,500,000 copies already! Here’s a NOW-HOT series, currently serialized in Shonen Jump!

【Jujutsu Kaisen】Original Comics Sold OVER 8,500,000 Copies!! Don’t Miss Out the Most Featured ‘Dark Fantasy’ Fall 2020 Anime!


What Is Jujutsu Kaisen?

It’s a Japanese manga series by the manga artist, Akutami Gege, serialized in Shonen Jump since March, 2018. The genre is shonen manga, battle, dark fantasy and “sorcery.”
This series has been drawn much attention after it received various manga awards in 2019, and it was made into anime in 2020. The original comics sold over 8,500,000 copies with only 13 volumes, and as for the anime series, two series (24 episodes) are scheduled to air.
So! This series is the most featured sorcery battle manga series among all the series, serialized in Shonen Manga! Not so many volumes of the comics have been released yet but I’m sure it will be buzzed even more after the anime adaptation……!

Outline of Jujutsu Kaisen!
Here’s a quick outline of Episode 1!

The main protagonist is a first-year high school student, Itadori Yuji.
After his parents have passed away, he’s been living with his grandfather, now staying in the hospital.
His grandfather, being sick at the hospital, always refuses him coming to visit him, cheerfully scolding to him, “You gotta focus more on doing the club activity, all right?”
Actually, he chooses to join the Occult Research Club, where he is able to relax and leave school earlier.
Because of his innate talent for the sports, he has been asked to join by many sports clubs, however, he chooses to join the Occult Club after all so he can still go visit him after school.
One day, one boy transfers to his school.
His name is Fushiguro Megumi.
He is a sorcerer and comes to the school to retrieve the “high-grade cursed charm talisman,” (the thing that spreads out the tremendous amount of curses), which has been sealed at nearby school…… however, he is not able to find the “high-grade cursed charm talisman,” which is supposed to be there.
However, Megumi feels the “high-grade cursed charm talisman” from Yuji when he is passing Yuji. Megumi tries to talk to him but ends up losing him, not being able to catch up with Yuji.
When Yuji gets to the hospital and visits his grandfather, he complains that he shouldn’t come to see him. Yuji responses; “I have nothing to do with my club activity already done at 5:00. I wouldn’t be here if I was still doing it!” but……
“Yuji, I know you’re strong. Always help people as much as you can. Save whoever you can. You might feel getting lost but that’s good too. Don’t care even if you’re not appreciated. Try to save as many people as possible.”
“Die surrounded by people. Don’t be like me, all right?”
He instills those powerful messages within Yuji, sounding very serious. Then he dies peacefully.
When Yuji is about to leave the hospital, leaving all alone, Megumi, who finally catches up, shows up in front of him.
Megumi explains very clearly how dangerous the “high-grade cursed charm talisman” is.
He says that about 10,000 people, who are missing every year in Japan, are involved with this “curse.”
He keeps going…… Especially the “high-grade cursed charm talisman,” which Yuji owns, is very dangerous, containing such a strong power, that all the “Curses” tend to get closer to it so they can take in his power to become even more powerful.
Yuji still doesn’t get what the Curse really is but he understands how serious Megumi is to look for that thing. Therefore, Yuji is going to return what Megumi is looking for to Megumi……
…… when they find the inside is empty.
That means what Megumi has been following is not “the thing” but just the “lingering scent” from it…… Where is “the thing” then……
Meanwhile, in the middle of the night, Yuji’s friends at the Occult Club have already “unsealed” the talisman……!
They hurriedly come back to school, when Megumi asks Yuji to wait there, knowing that there’s no way normal people can resist the Curse. While he’s waiting, he feels an incredible “dead” atmosphere, coming from school……!!
More and more “Curses” are now getting together at school in the middle of the night, searching for the “high-grade cursed charm talisman.” The Curses are now trying to swallow the two members of the Occult Club, along with the whole “high-grade cursed charm talisman”……!
Then Yuji shows up.
He understands that his Curse wouldn’t work, to beat those Curses.
However, he gets motivated by his now-dead grandfather’s messages that he has just got, saying “You’re strong, so save people.” He is not able to wait, doing nothing anymore.
The “high-grade cursed charm talisman,” which Yuji has got, turns out to be the finger of Ryoumen Sukuna, which is known as the “King of the Curse.” Yuji is going to give that to Megumi but……
The powerful “Curse” attacks and blows Megumi off.
The Curse is much more powerful than the one which were going to attack the Occult Club members earlier and it is now going to swallow Yuji, who would never give the finger back to it.
To resist the “Curse,” they need even more powerful Curse.
Unable to defeat the Curses due to his lack of magical powers, Yuji swallows the finger……!!
Due to Sukuna’s evil nature, all sorcerers are required to exorcise him immediately or else they die. However, despite being possessed, Yuji is still able to retain control over his body for the most part and ends up defeating the enemy.
Ryouman Sukuna, also known as “The Kind of the Curse,” feels so happy that he is revived in the modern world and declares that he will slaughter people in town, for starters. Yuji refutes him, saying “Don’t use my body without my permission,” however…… Megumi, who has been fighting with him, is now starting to show hostility to Yuji.
“You are no longer a human.”
“I will exorcise you as the Curse……!”
This is what has aired in episode 1! Yuji now got possessed by “The King of the Curse,” to save his friend…… What is his destiny going to be like……!?
This episode 1 had good pacing and smooth battle scenes…… everything was awesome!! For those who haven’t watched it, please give it a try! It’s a now-hot series, serialized in Shonen Jump! Be ready for the anime version now! It just started to air so you can still catch up too! Don’t miss it out!!
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Oki-doki! This is all for today! I’ll see you guys at the next article!

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