【Uma Musume】Anime・Game!! HOT in Japan Now ! Here’s a FIVE-Minute Thorough Commentary!

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Why? Because right now in Japan…… the series “Uma Musume” is going viral! This popularity is unprecedented!

【Uma Musume】Anime・Game!!
Uma Musume Is Now HOT in Japan!
Here’s a FIVE-Minute Thorough Commentary of Uma Musume!


What Is Uma Musume?
Overview of the Series

Uma Musume is a multimedia franchise created by a game company, Cygames, a famous film company, Toho Co., Ltd., and an anime production company, P.A.WORKS!
Meaning, this series was created so it can develop to various fields such as a game, anime, music and manga, huh?
Cygames is a company, which has produced famous games such as GRANBLUE FANTASY or Princess Connect. It’s been also involved with an anime, Zombie Land Saga Revenge since April 2021!

What Is Uma Musume?
The worldview and the story’s outline

Uma Musume is a story about the girls who were reincarnated into great race horses of the past, passing down their names and the spirits!
In other words,…… in a world very much like our own, great race horses of the past have a chance to be reborn as “horse girls”!
Uma Musume look just like humans, however, they have the ears and tails of horses as well as their superhuman speed and endurance!
(By the way, male Uma Musume never exists…… a little mystery of life, huh?)
And in that world, the races by them are being held as one of the entertainment! Uma Musume compete against each other, just like the race horses in this world to win!

What You See in Anime, Uma Musume?

In Anime, Uma Musume, you can see them as the racers, who go to an elite horse racing training school!
The main protagonist in Anime Season 1 is Uma Musume named Special Week.
Born in the countryside of Japan, she enters the training school to make her dream (which is also a promise with her mother), where “she will be a No.1 Uma Musume in Japan” come true!
Through all the races against her rivals such as Silence Suzuka, who also goes to the same school, Special Week grows both physically and mentally. Is she able to become the “No. 1 Uma Musume” over such powerful rivals……!?

Why Is Uma Musume Now Going Viral in Japan?

No. 1 Reason
Anime, Season 1 and 2, Were Super Interesting!

One of the reasons why it’s got viral is Season 1 and 2 of an anime series were awesome with a great storyline, production and the relationship of all the characters, which attracted so many viewers!
Competing against the rivals means that someone has to be the winner. All the Uma Musume such as Special Week learn various things by winning and losing. Some of them can’t even be in the race because of their injuries even though they are passionate about racing…… But still, they get over them and try to win!
And above all, the result in Uma Musume’s anime was depicted in exactly the same way as the actual races.
Their destinies, with the same spirits as the original racers, are cruelly and precisely depicted even in the Uma Musume’s world.
What are they racing for? Who are they racing for? Seeking for the answers to them, Uma Musume try hard, never giving up, which moved us a lot…… (I mean I was so moved at least)! The theme is competing against the rivals in the race, however, the relationship won’t get too awkward so we can watch it being relaxed!
So! If you know the history of the Japanese horse racing, you can enjoy it even more! However, even if you don’t know it, you can enjoy it as a classic youth sports anime with a never-give-up spirit! It’s literally one of the best anime series in recent years, where we can see high respect towards the horse racing!

No. 2 Reason
We Can Aim for 1st Place with Uma Musume!
Growing SLG Is Now Releasing!

This boom has started off with Anime’s two seasons and a mobile app, releasing simultaneously!
It’s a growing SLG, where we seriously support Uma Musume, who appear in anime or manga and aim for 1st place together!
We often hear the slogan, “Let’s win together!” in the game. In this game, we can make it come true! (In the scenario currently being updated,) we spend three-year training period with Uma Musume and aim for the winner on the race, which is the final goal for them!
The scenario of these three-year training period is so interesting that we can’t help but empathize the characters!
The scenario differs depending on each character. The player becomes the trainer of Uma Musume, improving their skills and trying to win the races while growing mentally!
Uma Musume that you train will race in the actual races! The result turns out different every time you play, reflecting how you train them or the skills they have earned! Deep, huh? This is one of the secrets of popularity!

This is how the race is currently being depicted in the game!

It’s fun to play, and fun to play! So you guys! Try Uma Musume Pretty Derby!
I would recommend watching an anime’s Season 1! Even if you don’t know the history of the Japanese horse race, it’s depicted as a sports anime! For those who haven’t seen Uma Musume before, try anime first!
Uma Musume Pretty Derby Merch
Oki-doki! This is all for today! I’ll see you guys at the next article~! Bye~!

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