Blue Period! Over 3 million manga sold!【Fall Anime 2021】

Hi, everyone! It's very chilly here in Japan! This winter-like coldness is as if autumn got skipped! It's Mafuyu from Goods Republic!
Well......that should be because...... It's almost October!!
October is an important month for us because all of the 2021 Fall Anime will start airing!! In this article, I will introduce you to the most buzz worthy anime among the Fall Anime!

【Fall Anime 2021】
Over 3 million copies sold!
The popular manga is finally made into anime!
Let's check the featured Fall anime, Blue Period!

What is Blue Period?

Written and illustrated by manga artist, Yamaguchi Tsubasa-Sensei. It has been serialized in Monthly Afternoon since 2017. The series has been a massive hit and sold over 3 million copies cumulatively.
The popular work won the famous Japanese manga award, Cartoon grand prize. It also received various awards and nominations. Tankoubon has released 10 volumes so far. We recommend that you read the whole set of tankoubon at once before you watch the anime!
Are you interested in the story of such a popular manga? Okay, let me explain it to you as simply as possible!

Blue Period - What kind of story is it?

It is a story about a boy who loves to draw and express himself through art.

The main character, Yaguchi Yatora, is a boy and a high school honor student. He is good at studying and socializing with people without any problem. He can achieve anything effortlessly. Yatora decided to take an art class because it would be easy to have a decent grade without much work.

He learned to express himself through drawing.

One day, he found a painting for “Green” angels in his school's art room. It used green paint for skin color. The angels on the canvas were green. He was so deeply fascinated by the angel painting that he could not express it in words. The angels on the canvas were green. People may feel it made no sense, but he thought it was beautiful and perfect.
After that, he was given an assignment by his art teacher. It was to paint “my favorite landscape.” Yatora was thinking to paint something like a landscape of mountains or the ocean that the art teacher would probably like. But, she read his mind and gently admonished him not to draw someone else's favorite landscape.
“I want to see YOUR favorite landscape.”

Telling what he really likes.
Sharing his honest feelings is not easy for him.
It makes him embarrassed and even scared.

After he found the angel painting and advice from his art teacher, he chose to paint the landscape of the city in the early morning. The city is usually very lively, but no one was there in the early morning. He felt that the air was even different at that time. Early morning air feels good. Yatora told his friend, but his friend laughed at Yatora because it sounded too poetic.
He felt the early morning city was “blue” for the first time ever.
Before he started working on the assignment, he visited the art room. There was the student who drew the angel painting. Yatora gave her a compliment on the painting, but she denied her talent. She told him that she just thought about painting a lot. That is all. Nothing more.
He started talking about himself to continue the conversation. He brought up the landscape in the early morning city that he thought looked blue.
Then, she told him gently.
“If you see it as blue, it is blue, even if it is an apple or rabbit.”
The words encouraged Yatora. He started working on the assignment.
He had never tried to paint seriously before. So he did not know art techniques or have the experience to express his ideas on a canvas.
He was a little frustrated but he still tried hard.
Finally the assignment was completed.
His work caught his friends' eyes. “It's beautiful, isn't it?” “Is it early morning?” He received more praise than he had expected.
Yatora's painting was understood by the viewers.
It made him really happy. He even cried for joy a little.
From there, his life starts taking an unexpected turn. The theme is art, but the bottom line is chasing a dream in the springtime of life. I recommend that anyone who is passionate about what they really like, watch this anime!

First of all, check out these two characters!
They are the 2 key characters of Blue Period!

As the story progresses, more characters are added in the story, but you should know these two characters first! The beginning of the story is developed by these two characters!!

Yaguchi Yatora
矢口 八虎
The main character of this story.
He is a high school student who is smart and can do everything so easily. He is good at socializing with people without any problem. He can achieve anything effortlessly. However, he never became passionate about anything. He looks like a punk, but is very smart. He can get into any top level college easily.
He does not like any athletic sports. If he drinks coffee or takes any caffeine, he becomes like a “drunk.”

Ayukawa Ryuuji
鮎川 龍二
He looks like a cute girl, but he is a boy.
He is a member of the school's art club. He gave Yatora a chance to draw. He uses some harsh words, but he encourages Yatora and gives him good advices. They are good rivals.
He is dreaming about being a painter, but his parents do not agree with him.
I am looking forward to viewing Blue Period from October!! Everyone is looking forward to this anime adaptation! This art anime's passionate story and the color images are highly expected!
Please check out the first episode of Blue Period!
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