【Congrats! The 5th Anniversary! 】Goods Republic celebrated the 5th anniversary! Thank you for your continued patronage!!

Hi everyone!! It's Mafuyu from Goods Republic!!
We really appreciate viewers like you!!!
Thank you for coming to our site, Goods Republic, to shop!!
We celebrated the 5th anniversary!! Thank you for your continued patronage!

【Congrats! The 5th Anniversary! 】
Thank you everyone!
Goods Republic celebrated the 5th anniversary!
Thank you for your continued patronage!!

One of our staff members at Goods Republic made a cool anniversary card! Thank you!! We had a small celebration party at our office!!
At any celebration party, we usually have sweet dessert, right?
It is dango! (Sweet rice dumplings)!!!!!!!
Congratulations on the 5th anniversary, Mafuyu! Hi everyone! and it has been a while! I am Boss from Goods Republic and other sister websites.
We prepared many dango that I really like for this big celebration! The 5th Anniversary!!
......well...... I think we should have cakes for celebration, Boss! That is kind of common sense......
No, Mafuyu...... you should not get caught in common sense! These are delicious dango! Please try! If you have a chance to eat Japanese dango, please try some! You will love it!
(Okay...... enough dango talk!) Let's get back on track! Again, we are very happy that we could celebrate the 5th Anniversary!!
5 years! It is amazing! Goods Republic started at a very small scale. We were just so happy to hear whenever we received orders everyday at the beginning!
Don't you feel happy now?
Of course, we all are STILL very happy, but the number of orders we receive a day increased dramatically compared to 5 years ago!! We are so grateful that our customers keep coming back to us to shop at our Goods Republic!
So, the 5th anniversary made you feel happy 5 times more than before?
Well...... I feel I am happier more than 5 times!!
The more site visitors we have, the more we feel grateful and happiness! Once we worried if we could continue our business around 2020. However, we got over the difficult time and now we could celebrate the 5th anniversary!
Everyone, here to check our website, again, thank you soooooooo much for your continued patronage. We are proudly announcing that we celebrated the 5th anniversary! We had to make some changes in our office, and we still cannot go back to our work environment like before.
It is not easy, but we have to accept the changes and keep going! We will keep working hard to provide fun shopping experience for our customers and better customer services! We will try to show our appreciation to everyone who shops with us sometime in the future! (ganbarimasu!)
As a boss at Goods Republic, I want to thank our customers and viewers! Thank you for reading this article until the end! We will work hard continuously to support all anime fans in 2022!!
Again, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
The 5th anniversary could not happen without your support!!!
Thank you for your continued patronage!!
We all will make an effort to provide you better service everyday!!
That's all for today! I'll see you in the next article!!!
Have a good day!!

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