【MerryXmas】Exactly the “Same Items” at the Gift Exchange Party by Japanese Anime Lovers!? Sharing How Our Xmas Party Was!!

Hi guys! Merry Christmas! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!!
It’s Christmas Eve today, huh? How are you spending your time today? Are you eating a little fancy cake or chicken?
Me? I’m going to see the movie, Jujutsu Kaisen (Sorcery Fight), releasing today since it’s Christmas Eve today!!! Yes, it’s Christmas Eve!!!!
So! For today’s article, I’ll be showing how the Xmas party we held a couple days ago was! We did a “gift exchange, where we can only give anime goods as a gift”! What did Goods Republic members choose for a gift......!?

Exactly the “Same Items” at the Gift Exchange Party by Japanese Anime Lovers!?
Sharing How Our Xmas Party Was!!

So! These are the rules for the gifts that we could get for the gift exchange party!
  • Had to be anime goods or the ones related to anime (manga comics or games are okay too)
  • If you chose food or novelty items, they had to be a collaborated one with anime chara or anime series
  • Had to be the one which was too expensive
  • We drew lots as to who gave the gift to who
Already now! There were 18 members who joined this party. I’ll show you what each one brought as a gift! It’s an uncut version!!

1st Member
Nyanko Sensei’s T-shirt and Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)’s collaborated plum wine

The 1st member brought Nyanko Sensei’s cute T-shirt with Nyanko Sensei, saying “Sakeda~ (It’s a drinking time~!)” on it, and a collaborated plum wine set, which was made in Oita Prefecture which is Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)’s author’s birthplace!! You know what? As for this cute Naynko Sensei’s T-shirt, it’s a collaborated goods, where the voice actor of Nyanko Sensei designed on it! It’s awesome!!
By the way, our Boss who loves alcohol, is the one who got this gift! I’m so jealous~!!

2nd Member
The Legend of Zelda’s super huge towel

The 2nd member got a super huge towel of The Legend of Zelda! Towels are the best, always being useful in our life, huh? No matter what size it is, it’s so useful so everybody was saying “He’s got the best one!”!

3rd Member
PUI PUI Molcar・Shiromo’s mini car and PUI PUI Molcar×Tamagocchi’s set

PUI PUI!! The 3rd member got a goods set of PUI PUI Molcar which made a great hit in 2021!! It’s a set of Shiromo’s mini car, collaborated with Takara Tomy and PUI PUI Molcarcchi, where we raise Molcar from the baby until it becomes a grow-up! Last year, someone got Kimetsucchi as a gift so it looks like this series is super popular, huh??
And here...... a little miracle happened!

4th member
Shiromo’s electric mini car & PUI PUI Molcar’s assorted snacks!

Guess what??? Here comes the item of PUI PUI Molcar again, and it’s Shiromo too!! We realize that Molcar was this popular, huh......
The member who got this mini car looked so happy to get it that he was playing with it, having it run repeatedly. Shiromo running like that was so adorable.

5th member
Umamusume’s gummy & Oguri Cap’s bowl set!

And the next member got Uma Musume Pretty Derby’s snacks and a bowl set! The collaborated snacks have recently released in Japan. And this huge bowl is said to be the one that a big eater, Oguri Cap, loves using (at least we assume so......)!

6th member
Winter-limited edition of Pokémon center’s assorted sweets set!

6th member got a winter-limited edition of assorted sweets set sold in the Pokémon center! It comes with regular chocolate pieces, crunchy chocolate pieces and marshmallows. The design on the cans are stylish, huh~? We can use these cans for something else even after we eat them!

7th member
Dr.STONE’s tote bag and SPY×FAMILY’s sketchbook (It has nothing to do with Nanamin)

7th member got staple anime goods!! Dr.STONE’s tote bag and SPY×FAMILY’s sketchbook! This sketchbook series are pretty popular that some have the original cute illustration and others have cool illustrations from anime or manga on them! This series has a variety of illustrations~!!

8th member
The most popular one by manga lovers! A shojo manga set which is most anticipated in 2022 (maybe?)!

8th member got a shojo manga set with three recommended shojo manga series!! The series are......
Fantasy bishoujo juniku ojisan to
Kowloon Generic Romance
Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo
異世界美少女受肉おじさんと / Fantasy bishoujo juniku ojisan to’s anime premieres in January 2022! Two office workers who are childhood friends are sent to another world, then one turns into a pretty girl!! It’s a crazy love? gag? comedy, where they have to get rid of the devil before they fall in love with each other!!

9th member
This series’ anime premieres in January 2022 too!! A set of 1st, 2nd and 3rd volumes!

9th member also got her recommended manga set! It comes with three volumes, Volume 1, 2 and 3. This series (その着せ替え人形は恋をする / Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo suru)’ anime also premieres in January 2022!
Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo suru
A quiet high school boy who loves to make costumes is asked to make a cosplay costume by a cheerful and energetic gyaru...... As time goes on, they get over their own worries and weak points...... It’s a heartfelt youth manga!
For those who are interested in cosplaying, check it out! It’s one of the Winter 2022 Anime!

10th member
Usada Pekora’s special collaborated plum wine

Guess what?? This is the second collaborated alcohol!! And it’s a plum wine too!!
This special plum wine has a popular Vtuber, Usada Pecora-Cha’s design on it!! This cute illustration was originally drawn by Aoki Ume-Sensei, who was actually in charge of the character designs of Puella Magi Madoka Magica!
The member who got this gift was saying “I want to drink it now!”!! (He was asked to drink it when he gets home)
And here...... Something happened again......

11th member
A recommended manga set and......?

It looks like it’s his recommended manga set too but......
Whaaat......? There’s something familiar too......???
This Oguri’s bowl...... we just saw it!!!
Here’s what. Most of the members from Goods Republic, Otaku Republic and Manga Republic got into Uma Musume Pretty Derby’s game this year!!
What’s more? So many of us came to love Oguri Cap too! So we weren’t surprised at all to see exactly the same items, which were her bowl! But again, the two members got exactly the same items as a gift, which was surprising......!!
The one who got this gift looked so happy too.

12th member
Again! Genshin Impact comic anthology & goods set, which made a huge hit in Japan this year!

12th member got a social game: Genshin Impact’s goods which he got into most this year! Even those who haven’t played it before can easily get to know the worldview of this game if you read this anthology comic! Another item is Ganyu-Chan’s badge! The member who got this item loves this character!

13th member
A spoon for ice cream and a plastic bottle holder!
It’s a set of Animal Crossing which made a great hit in 2021!

13th member got a super useful spoon for ice cream and a plastic bottle holder!! This ice cream spoon is so useful, huh~?? It’s useful especially when the ice cream is melted and the ice cream is too hard to eat......! This spoon perfectly works in these kinds of situations!

14th member
Let’s become healthy!
It’s a set of snacks, bath bombs and chopsticks, collaborated with anime characters!

14th member got...... guess what? Bath bombs!? Nobody knew there was such a collabo item in the market~! The other items are Molcar’s chopsticks and delicious snacks collaborated with Kimetsu! Both useful and easy-to-eat anime collabo goods with! I’m jealous about these bath bombs so much......

15th member
This one is useful too! A set of a mask case, a mini pouch and a hand gel!

Somehow, the latter-half the members chose anime collabo goods that are useful for our everyday life, huh?? The gel for hands have recently got popular in Japan because we can disinfect our hands when we go out! There are many hand gels collaborated with anime characters in the market! They are the best to prevent infection!

16th member
A set of the 10 best manga in 2021!!

Some of the members also got their recommended manga but this one got too many! This member collected only Vol.1 of all the manga series who he thought were interesting in 2021 but......?
Hakozume ~ Koban Joshi no Gyakushu
ハコヅメ~交番女子の逆襲~ 別章 アンボックス
Sutta mon da!
Funsou deshitara Hatta made
Trillion Game
Boukyou Tarou
Paripi Koumei
Ryuu to Ichigo
Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san
Chi - Chikyuu no Undou ni Tsuite
The dangers in my heart. (Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu)
It’s a lot!!!
Many of these manga will be made into anime next year! The one which is the most anticipated is “チ。―地球の運動について― / Chi - Chikyuu no Undou ni Tsuite”! It’s about a boy who has studied the Ptolemaic system and the Heliocentric system. It’s got awarded as the 2nd place as the manga taisho! So many members were asking him to borrow this comic after he finishes reading it!!

17th member
It’s a rare item!!
It’s a laundry net that has passing-out Pokémon and his friends’ illustrations with a comical touch!

These are both useful and cute! These goods have recently released! These laundry nets have the illustrations of cute Pokémon and his friends who got exhausted! The laundry nets are useful, huh? We can have multiple nets for our every day life, you know? Nice ones! Everybody seemed to like them!

18th member
They have just released!
Popular Pokémon’s card game, PokémonVmax and a card case!

Guess what? The last ones were Pokémon’s card game, PokémonVmax and Weiβ Schwarz’s IDOLM@STER SHINY COLORS’s card pack! And a deck case that has cute Eevee and its friends’ illustrations on it! Here are the actual cards inside...... You see the one you want?
How did you like it? Which one did you think you want too out of 18 gifts? It was such an exciting party, where both those who give and those who get became happy so why don’t you give it a try too?
Oki-doki! This is all for today! Merry Christmas!! Bye~!!!

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