【Happy New Year!!】Japanese New Year Is Filled with Deliciousness and Cuteness!! Here Comes a 5-Minute Trivia about Japanese New Year 2022!

Hi guys! Happy New Year, 2022~!!!
My New Years’ resolution is “staying healthy while keeping my own pace, trying not to work too hard!” For this year, I will try to stay healthy both physically and mentally!! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!! How about your New Year’s resolution for 2022~?
Oh, by the way, how was your New Year?
Me? I spent my New Year being relaxed! It was just like how I spend on New Year every year, which is a Japanese traditional way of spending New Years!
So you guys! What would you imagine about the “Japanese New Year”?
Fancy food? Kotatsu? Tangerine? What exactly do you think the Japanese people do in the scenes which you see in anime or games!? If you read this article, you will get to know more about Japanese New Year!!
(I asked some Goods Republic’s members to take various pictures of Japanese New Year! Thanks, guys!)

【Happy New Year!!】
Japanese New Year Is Filled with Deliciousness and Cuteness!!
Here Comes a 5-Minute Trivia about Japanese New Year 2022!

This year’s zodiac animal sign is a “Tiger”!
You might see many characters that are related with tigers in 2022......!?

I bet you all might be seeing “a particular animal” in New Year’s greeting by Japanese game companies, manga or anime......?
Yes! In Japan, we have a concept or culture, derived from the ancient China, called “Sexagenary cycle” where we cherish a particular animal out of 12 (one is an imaginary animal) as a happy symbol. These animals are classified by years or directions.
And this year’s symbol is yeah! “Tigers”!
So this year, you might see some characters or items that are like tigers! Why don’t you wear tiger-like items to bring luck to you in 2022?

January 1st to 3rd! Fancy but lazy!?
The dishes you see in Japanese New Year are derived from......??

What is the most-seen scene in Japanese New Year......?
Yeah! It’s called “Osechi” dishes, full of luxurious ingredients, packed in bento boxes! We, Goods Republic’s members” did enjoy these traditional dishes for the New Year too~!
Mmm? I see multiple types of dishes......?
But yeah! This is a Japanese traditional “Osechi”!! What is the Japanese traditional dish, Osechi, like, in the first place......?
“Osechi Ryouri” originates from the festive dishes offered in the event to celebrate the change of the season in Heian era in Japan. Now, it is generally considered as the dish, where we celebrate the New Year.
This might also have been derived form a tradition, where people have to eat “food which you don’t have to cook”...... because there was a rule where we can use fire only “when they devote to God.” (Meaning only time when we can use fire is for God)......
I’ve heard another theory, where we eat food which we don’t need to cook so those who cook everyday in a household can relax and enjoy eating food for three days in New Year!
So! It’s like a lovely gem box full of everybody’s favorite food! It’s a traditional dish which we eat while relaxing so we can live happily!

Greeting God in New Years!
Let’s enjoy visiting shrines in Japan!

One of the traditions in Japanese New Year is to visit a shrine to pray for God from Jan 1st to 3rd!
(To prevent infection, this year, they recommend doing this from the end of December to the middle of January!)
These are the purposes to visit a shrine!
  • to thank God for having watched over us in 2021
  • to thank God for being able to welcome 2022
  • to pray for safety and good health of our family for this year
We usually greet God to thank for having watching over us in 2021 and wishing for our good health in 2022 too!! One of the best parts about this event is to draw Omikuji to see our luck for this year!!
It looks like one of the Goods Republic members got a so-so good one “Shokichi” and the other one got a super good “Daikichi”!! It’s a great start, huh~?? If you have a chance, try this “Omikuji” to see your luck for this year!
How was it? We, Goods Republic’s members, enjoyed the New Years and felt refreshed physically and mentally! Do you know anything about the “Japanese New Year,” other than what we shared today? Please share that with us too!!
Oki-doki! This is all for today! Please stay tuned with us in 2022 too~!!

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