【Tora/Tiger】Lucky character for 2022! 10 characters that are related to tigers are here!

Hi everyone!! I wish you all have a wonderful year in 2022! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!!
No serious sickness and no accidents last year. So overall I had a good year last year. I am hoping that 2022 is also going to be a lucky year like last year.
Okay, today I want to show you 2022’s lucky characters, tiger/tora characters! We collected 10 of them! If you carry tora goods from these 10 characters, you may become luckier than usual this year!

Lucky character for 2022!
10 characters that are related to tigers are here!

Is there a reason why tiger/tora is the lucky animal in 2022?
In Japan, we have a concept of 12 zodiac animal signs that came from China a long time ago.
It’s our culture that we use the 12 zodiac animal signs on directions and calendar cycles each year. We celebrate the New Year with that year’s zodiac animal sign. The animal for the year is used for New Year decorations or patterns for many things as a lucky charm.
In 2022, the animal sign of the year according to 12 zodiac animal signs is tiger! So tiger is considered to be the lucky animal this year. We saw many tiger decorations or patterns during the New Years’ holiday in Japan.

Character names that contains “tora” in kanji!!
Looks like a tiger? 5 characters!!

Firstly, we picked 5 characters whose name contains “tora” in kanji. Can you think of who they are?

杖 悠仁 / Itadori Yuji
Jujutsu Kaisen (Sorcery Fight)


矢口 八 / Yaguchi Yatora
Blue Period


羽宮 一 / Hanemiya Kazutora
Tokyo Revengers


南城 次郎 / Joe (Nanjo Kojiro)
SK∞ (SK8 the Infinity)


南雲 鉄 / Nagumo Tetora
Ensemble Stars!

How was it? I picked them because their last name or first name contain a kanji “虎” which means tiger.
In the case of “Itadori Yuji” from Jujutsu kaisen, his last name contains the kanji, 虎, but it is not read as tora. I think it is a rare last name in Japan. The last name “Itadori” seems to be found in Nara prefecture in Japan. It is said that the name originated from a plant called “Itadori (Fallopia Japonica)” that was used as a painkiller.
I did not know, but Itadori-Kun’s actual name was not related to tiger at all.
By the way, Itadori-kun’s tiger goods are still released this year. They are really cute!

Eat this tiger power!!
5 characters that battle with super powers like tigers!

Next, I will introduce 5 characters that have super power like tigers. They are chosen by me, just me! My personal opinion! So please understand in advance, thank you!

鏑木・T・虎徹 / Kaburagi Kotetsu


中島敦 / Nakajima Atsushi
Bungou Stray Dogs


ジャガーマン / Jaguar Man
Fate/Grand Order


マガイマガド / Magnamalo (Magaimagado)


五虎退 / Gokotai
Touken Ranbu

Many of you may think why Kotetsu-San has tiger power...... Forgive me, this is just my opinion!
Oh by the way, TIGER&BUNNY second season will start airing in April! The first season was aired in 2011, so it has been about 10 years since then!! (A movie was released in between though.) I am looking forward to it!!
If you think of the image of tigers and anime characters, who do you come up with? Some have power like a tiger. Some contain “tora” in kanji in their name. It is fun to think like this. Please check it out!
Hope you have a fun happy year in 2022!
That is all for today! See you next time!

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