【Horns】Characters with horns! How many of them can you think of? We will explain a Japanese traditional event, Setsubun, with fun!

Hi everyone!! February 4th is......
YES! Setsubun!!

Characters with horns!
How many of them can you think of?
We will explain a Japanese traditional event, Setsubun, with fun!

Oops!! Setsubun is actually February 3rd. So yesterday, we had a traditional event called Setsubun in Japan!

What is Setsubun?

It is a traditional event on February 3rd, People pray for their happiness and good health.
In the event, people throw roasted soybeans inside and outside of their house. If there are people in demon costumes, beans are scattered to the demons while saying “Demons get out of the house! Good luck come in!”
The reason why people throw the beans is because people think that beans are a sacred food to get rid of bad luck in the New Year. During this time of the year, you can find many events related to Setsubun, even in the mobile game world.

Food for Setsubun is this one!
Ehou maki - lucky direction rolls!!

Ehoumaki as a lucky direction roll is the special food for Setsubun.
It contains fish, eggs, vegetables, and meat and is rolled with rice and seaweed. To have a successful happy year, people eat this roll while looking at the lucky direction for the year. For example, the lucky direction of the year for 2022 is North-northwest. Also people are not supposed to talk while eating this roll. So you may find weird scenes like people eating rolls quietly while all looking at the same direction.
In recent years, there are some dessert versions of Ehoumaki for those who do not like fish or meat inside of the rolls. We do not know if it has the same benefits (having a successful happy year), but it is getting very popular. It looks like a rolled cake and is yummy.

Another image of Setsubun is demons!
Characters who have horns like demons are here!

So, today, we want to think about characters who have horns like demons! Which character did you think of for demons with horns?

Chainsaw Man


Malleus Draconia
Twisted Wonderland


Shuten Douji
Fate/Grand Order


Zero Two


Hoozuki no Reitetsu


Jujutsu Kaisen (Sorcery Fight)


Fiona Gilman


Tsunotori Pony
Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)


Urusei Yatsura

Some characters do not have real horns......! The last character above is from Urusei Yatsura which is a romantic comedy released in the 80s. It will be made into anime in 2022 and was created by Takahashi Rumiko-Sensei. If you did not know, please check out the anime in 2022!
Okay, that is all for today! If you have a chance, please try to eat the ehoumaki, lucky direction roll while looking North-northwest!!
Have a good day!!

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