【PUI PUI Molcar】Congrats! 2nd Season Showing Up! No Need to Understand Japanese! Enjoy More NEW Episodes of PUI Molcar, Starting in October 2022!

Hi, guys! Here’s great news about THAT title, showing up in Japan again! I’m too excited! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!!!
The title is...... the stop-motion anime that has been attracting the whole world as well as Japan! You don’t need to understand Japanese at all! You can enjoy watching all the cute characters!!

【PUI PUI Molcar】Congrats! 2nd Season Showing Up! No Need to Understand Japanese!
Enjoy More NEW Episodes of PUI Molcar, Starting in October 2022!

PUI PUI Molcar

What Is PUI PUI Molcar?

PUI PUI Molcar was first created based on an idea “What if cars are the Molmot (morumotto, the Japanese word for guinea pig)......?” Ever since it started to air in January 2021, it has been going viral throughout Japan with incredibly cute characters, a unique worldview and a perfectly created stop-motion technique!!
We might be able to solve problems which relate to traffics and vehicles without any conflict if the vehicles are guinea pigs!
This thought originally made this story start! You see how peacefully they solve such problems even if they have a traffic jam or the problems in a washing car place! And they are so cute! But! There are problems that can’t be avoided for these guinea pigs......! Each episode stands alone. You see how interesting and unique this stop-motion worldview is!

For the past year in Japan, it’s been made into a game and even its collabo café and collabo goods came out too!

After it aired in January, various collaborated goods have come out! In my opinion, all the collabo cafés and goods are so high in quality that they have been attracting not only children but also adults!
Plush Key Chain - Mame Kororin - Mochi Kororin - PUI PUI Molcar / Shiromo
Nendoroid - PUI PUI Molcar / Potato
Acrylic stand - Diorama Stand - PUI PUI Molcar
I really wanted to go to the collabo café but...... unfortunately, I didn’t get to be chosen to get the pre-ticket to go there. But I’m definitely expecting the next collabo café to open......!! Why is it this popular? Because...... Look at all these high-quality menus? And they are all cute, huh? This has been making it super competitive to get a ticket......!”
What’s more? Its game has released too! The type of the game varies such as an action game, a party game and a growing SLG......! They are all laid-back and too cute......
By the way, my favorite (current one) character is Teddy! Every time I watch each episode over again, I get curious about other characters. BUT! My favorite one for now is a troublemaker girl, Teddy, who can easily beat zombies!
So! Why don’t you watch all the previous PUI PUI Molcar episodes by October 2022? I can’t wait to watch 2nd Season! All the characters are super cute that they always make me smile......! I’m sure there will be more cute goods coming up this summer, so check it out!
PUI PUI Molcar
Okey-dokey! This is all for today!
I’ll see you guys in the next article!

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