【Chainsaw Man】Starts airing on October 11th, 2022! Let’s check out the most popular anime this fall, Chainsaw Man, for 5 min!!

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It is almost October!! Yes! Fall 2022 Anime will start airing very soon! Which fall anime are you going to watch? Did you check the list?

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And more! Today, I want to introduce this anime that is probably the most popular anime this season. I will explain why it gathers people’s attention so much and becomes very popular for 5 min!!

【Chainsaw Man】Starts airing on October 11th, 2022! Let’s check out the most popular anime this fall, Chainsaw Man, for 5 min!!

This is the most popular anime this season! Chainsaw man! Why is Chainsaw man popular that much? Let’s check some points together for 5 min!

The 1st part was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump and completed. This popular battle x dark fantasy manga went viral!

One of the reason why that there are many Chainsaw man fans is because its first part was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2018 to 2020. The second part started serialized in the web edition since 2022 and start becoming popular again.

The theme is『Devil hunter』. It takes place in the unique chaotic world that contains battle, suspense and fantasy.

Denji (Chainsaw Man)
The main character, Denji, is a young man trapped in poverty and was working as a Devil Hunter. One day, unfortunately, he and his aide, Pochita, got avenged by a devil who he thought he killed
Denji’s companion pet devil, Pochita, made a contract with Denji to bring him back to life. Denji merged with Pochita and returned as a human-devil hybrid. Denji became Chainsaw Man and started fighting against various devils again.
I personally think that the second reason why this manga became popular was because of the main character’s personarity. Denji-kun is very simple and honest guy. He is even a little dummy. He was living in poverty for long and what he wanted was very simple - to live happily and peaceful life, hopefully spending time with a cute girl who he likes. He was not dreaming big. It was very modest dream. People like his honest and sweet personality.
When Denji sees a cute girl, he says “So cute!!!” in his mind and for real at the same time!
The devil’s world Denji lives is cruel and seriously dangerous. However, due to Denji’s silly personality, there are many comedic parts in the story. There are not only Denji, but also many cool and charming characters in the story as well. The fans really like the gap between the serious worldview and interesting characters/funny storylines. It is also a reason for the popularity.

MAPPA who created anime and movie version of Jujutsu Kaisen (Sorcery Fight) is in charge of anime production!! They are fired up!

The last point for its popularity is because of MAPPA. They are a famous anime production that created many popular titles before. According to their interview, the production team was fired up to create Chainsaw Man anime!
“We read all manga created by Fujimoto-Sensei who is the author of Chainsaw man. MAPPA is very interested in making all his titles.”
“We were really hoping to create Chainsaw man, so it was our honor and pleasure to be able to create Chainsaw man anime for its fans who have been waiting to be made into an anime! We will promise to deliver the best animation for Chainsaw Man!”
To read this interview, we all know that MAPPA will be making effort to create Chainsaw man anime versions! Their words in the interview are very strong! So fans are all expecting high!!

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Chainsaw Man
So, Chainsaw Man anime already has high expectations and interests in Japan. The story development of its manga version is dynamic and interesting. If you don’t know anything about Chainsaw Man and haven’t read manga yet, it may be a good idea to watch anime episode 1 without any prior knowledge. MAPPA will create animation with enough information for those who do not know much of Chainsaw Man. Everyone can enjoy the episode 1 for sure!!

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Chainsaw Man
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