【Blue Lock】Check out the secret of Blue Lock that will start airing in October 2022 and discover the fun of the story together!

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Today, I want to introduce this anime! We want those who do not know anything about this anime to watch the first episode! The story has a high reputation as interesting and full of useful knowledge, not only for soccer, but also life in general!

【Blue Lock】In soccer manga history, what was said to be the most logical and serious manga was made into anime! Check out the secret of Blue Lock that will start airing in October 2022 and discover the fun of the story together!

About a year ago, we issued an article about Blue Lock manga version, episode 1. If you want to know the details, please check this out!
【Blue Lock】4.5 Million-Seller Forbidden Soccer Manga, Is Now Animated! Here Comes Three Unique Attractions!

Blue Lock - what kind of story is it?

Currently, serializing in WEEKLY SHONEN MAGAZINE!
The harshest, which is why it is interesting, soccer manga! It’s like a death game!!
To explain the story of Blue Lock as simply as possible, it is about a story to create the greatest striker in Japan.
The Japanese soccer association invited 300 student soccer players to compete against each other for “their soccer life” to obtain one seat as the top of striker in Japan!
The Japan soccer association has been in trouble for not being able to win games in the world soccer league. To break the status quo, they set up a program [to find and nurture the greatest striker] in Japan.
The coach, Ego Jinpachi, explained the program rules to all 300 students. The rule is that only one person who passes this training program will be selected as a member of the Japan national football team. Then, the rest of the 299 students will be disqualified from playing in any official football games permanently. They have a choice to leave before the program starts.
Ego Jinpachi
All the gathered students were confused. It does not sound right. However, Jimpachi thinks that the Japan team’s organization skill is fantastic, but other necessary requirements to be a winning team are not enough. Jinpachi said, What we do not have in Japan's soccer is true competitiveness – You need to be egoistic. You need to be a striker who clings to goals no matter what.
After his speech, students make the decision to join the program fearfully. They all strongly hope to become the greatest player or striker. They are going inside of the soccer facility Blue Lock, which looks like a prison.

Not only to become knowledgeable of soccer, but we can also learn essences of strategy, luck, and psychological battles from Blue Lock.

So, in Japan, many readers are saying that it is very interesting because it is not all about soccer. Because the story has many dimensions, not only about soccer. It describes how to approach things philosophically, strategically, how to change mindset, and more.
For example, What kind of person is a lucky person? What do you think?
Is a lucky person just being there when good luck comes? In Blue Lock, the answer is no. A lucky person means the person who does not miss the chance to become lucky (who acts right at the time) when good luck comes.
Luck is coming to everyone. However, only the person who did not miss the timing to act quickly becomes the winner. Just being there to wait for good luck is not enough. You have to act with the right timing when the luck comes to you. Then, you can become a lucky person. In other words, to be able to act at the right time, you have to prepare to be able to act. Otherwise, you cannot win the chance.
As such, this manga will give not only soccer knowledge, but also life coaching. This is the charm of this manga, Blue Lock!

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Blue Lock
It is not a difficult anime, but episode 1 contains a great deal of information and has a great impact. Highly recommended for those who do not know much about Blue Lock! The anime wants you to be a “Winner” for anything. That is Blue Lock!

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