【Pokémon】Coming soon! The latest Pokémon series, Violet & Scarlet, will be released on November 18th! New Pokémon? New characters? Here are the factors that are gathering attention in Japan!

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【Pokémon】Coming soon! The latest Pokémon series, Violet & Scarlet, will be released on November 18th! New Pokémon? New characters? Here are the factors that are gathering attention in Japan!

Yes! Next week, the latest Pokémon series, Violet & Scarlet, will be released! Are you planning to play with this big title in the game world? I am going to get the Violet one to play! In this article, I will introduce the games’ features that Japanese fans are paying attention to!

You can travel the open world (Huge map) with your friends!
It has a similar system that Pokémon Legends: Arceus has! You can enjoy a different Pokémon game!

Japanese fans are excited about this new factor, “Open world” that you can play with your friends in the game! Finally it has been added to the Pokémon series.
”Open world” is a game system where players can explore the area freely to achieve the goals in the game. The latest example is a smartphone game, Genshin Impact. It has the freedom to play in any way.

Genshin Impact

Historically, the Pokémon series is played alone. You play the story and explore in the game by yourself. So, with this new system, it is wonderful to share the exciting experience with your friends! Furthermore, you can know what kind of Pokémon that your friends travel with. Japanese fans are all excited about it. You can also use a chat function and emote between friends, so you can communicate with each other without talking for real.

You can enjoy the story in any order you like!
The theme is “Treasure hunting”! Walk around Paldea region!

The story is also different from the ordinary Pokémon story style. The basic style of Pokémon story has small goals such as defeating a Gym leader or solving a case......etc, and players have to achieve these small goals in order to complete the game. It was a very straightforward game.
However, this new game allows players more freedom. Players can choose which goal to achieve first. We can play the game in any order we like. You can defeat the Gym Leaders in order, as the usual style, solve problems happening in any areas first, or you can help your friends who go to school together first! You can choose your own path! This story development reinforces the charm of Open world system! For me, once I start the game, I want to check around the world to see what kind of Pokémon are there first! How about you? What do you want to do first once you start the adventure?

This game is as good as Pokémon Sword and Shield!
Unique characters are waiting for players!

Furthermore! NPC characters that have been revealed to the public are getting people’s attention now! Many unique characters such as classmates who go to school with players, Gym Leaders in the various areas, mysterious characters, and more are introduced!
Among all the new characters, the recently introduced new character, Nanjamo (English version name: Lono) has been very popular due to her cute looks in Japan. She is a Gym Leader, but works as an influencer and streamer. She is trying to get popularity in the game, so fans can’t wait to see her in the game!
As well as new characters, new Pokémon are also being introduced one after another! Many of previously introduced Pokémon are also included in the game. I just can’t wait to play the new game, Violet & Scarlet, on November 18. The game added new functions and systems. I am looking forward to experiencing them all!

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