【DIY】Handmade is difficult but fun! Currently airing original animation in fall! What is “Do It Yourself!!”?

Hi everyone! When was the last time I tried “DIY”? It might be when I was a kid. I cook often, but I don’t do any “DIY.” It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!
Have you tried “DIY” before? It is not easy, but you can do whatever you like, so it is fun! In this article, I want to introduce a fall anime that contains a lot of information about DIY and charms of DIY!

【DIY】Handmade is difficult but fun! Currently airing original animation in fall! What is “Do It Yourself!!”?


What is “DIY”?

“DIY” is an abbreviation of “Do it Yourself.” It is the activity of decorating, building, and making repairs at home by oneself rather than employing a professional.”
I did not know much about DIY until just recently, but I had a chance to learn about it from a game called Animal Crossing.
In the game, I can decide what kind of furniture or tools I want to make. I collect materials to make it. Then, I make it, color it and arrange it. I experienced DIY in the game, and found it very interesting!
Animal Crossing
Okay, the theme of this original animation, Do It Yourself!!, is exactly about “DIY”! It is a nichijou anime about girls who have never tried DIY before started learning about it!

The story of Do it Yourself!!

The main character, Serufu, is a high school girl with an easy going personality. Although she wanted to go to the same high school with her best friend, Miku (nickname is Purin), Serufu did not get accepted into the school. Unfortunately, Serufu started going to the different high school. One day, her bicycle broke down on the way to school.
A girl from the same high school helped her.
Her name is Rei, and she is the captain of the DIY club at the high school. Rie quickly fixed Serufu’s bike and left right away.
Serufu wanted to show her appreciation to Rei.
While looking for Rei at school, Serufu found a workshop in a corner of the school.
The workshop is a classroom for arts and crafts, but also a room for the DIY club.
Rei welcomed Serufu in the club.
The DIY club has only few members and they are facing a crisis of being shut down.
To support the club, Serufu decided to join the club!
In the game, a process of DIY was simplified and looked very easy. However, the real DIY processes explained in this anime are detailed and precise. It was very interesting to know about the DIY world! Just watching an anime is actually beneficial!!
It was good to know how to build a handmade furniture at fashionable stores in town!
The story is nothing serious. It is one of a very relaxed anime in Fall 2022 Anime! You do not have to read or know anything beforehand. After watching this anime, I just feel like making something and decorate my anime goods with something cute!! So, everyone, please check Do It Yourself!!
Do It Yourself!!

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