【Tokyo Revengers】An anime sequel will start airing in January 2023! What kind of story is Tokyo Revengers? Haven’t watched it yet? Let us explain the outline of the story in 5 min!

Hi Everyone! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic! The biggest event in December is coming soon!! Yes! This time of the year, everywhere shows the spirit of this event! Christmas is just around the corner!!
An anime sequel will start airing in January 2023. The main theme of this sequel is about an important incident that happened on the Christmas day! Have you reviewed season 1 of this anime? Are you ready to watch the sequel? From what chapter/volume in the manga version does season 2 cover? Let’s recheck everything about season 1 with this article!

【Tokyo Revengers】An anime sequel will start airing in January 2023! What kind of story is Tokyo Revengers? Haven’t watched it yet? Let us explain the outline of the story in 5 min!

Yes! Tokyo Revengers season 2: Christmas Showdown will start in January 2023!
Tokyo Revengers season 1 was aired and became a super popular anime in 2021. It has been a year since season 1 was aired, so let’s recheck the story without many spoilers!

What is the story of Tokyo Revengers about?

The main character, Hanagaki Takemichi, got an ability to time-travel.
He time-traveled back to his days in middle school in order to save his ex-girlfriend from her death!!
One of themes of Tokyo Revengers is “Time travel.” The main character, Hanagaki Takemichi found out that his ex-girlfriend died when she got involved with fights in a gang group, Tokyo Manji Gang.
After that, Takemichi was pushed from the train platform by someone and almost got killed. When he opened his eyes the next moment, he time-traveled back to the time in his middle school days.
When Takemichi was in middle school, the gang group, Tokyo Manji Gang, already existed. However, it was not like the crime organization that existed in the present. Takemichi tried to find out the reasons why Tokyo Manji Gang changed and also tried to make it better in the past!
In the story, while Takemichi goes back and forth between the present and past, he meets with many people in both the present and past. He can see how people grow, their future jobs or positions. He could see the lives of gang members and how they changed whenever he time-traveled. There are many mystery factors in the story to find out why and where their lives changed! This is an interesting factor of this story for sure!

Sano Manjirou(Mikey)

Sano Manjirou

Ryuuguuji Ken(Draken)

Ryuuguuji Ken

Anime season 2 will cover from volume 9 of the manga version!

Anime season 1 covered up to around half of volume 9 of the 39 volumes of manga version.
So, season 2 will be continued from the second half of volume 9! There will be some original anime episodes, but you can check episodes for season 2 ahead of time by reading volume 9 and after in manga version!

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Furthermore! The original manga version completed in November 2022! Takemichi went back and forth between the past and the current time. What kind of “Future” did he get in the end?

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Tokyo Revengers
It has been one year since season 1 ended. Season 2 will start airing after the original manga completed. Tokyo Revengers has been gathering many people’s attention!
Anime season 2 will start on January 7th, 2023! Don’t miss it!
See you soon!

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