【Romantic comedy】Newest manga created by the author of To Love-Ru was made into anime! The first episode is airing now!

Hi everyone! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!
Today I want to introduce an anime series created by a famous manga artist! The first episode was already aired! This anime is not an ordinary romantic comedy! It contains battles and a lot of comedic scenes! Here is the anime we want to introduce today!

【Romantic comedy】Newest manga created by the author of To Love-Ru was made into anime! Easy to understand and interesting! The first episode of Ayakashi Triangle is airing now!

Do you know a manga artist, Yabuki Kentaro –Sensei? His popular manga such as BLACK CAT and To LOVE-Ru were serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump before. Ayakashi Triangle is Yabuki Kentaro –Sensei’s newest series! What kind of story is it? Let’s check it together!

The story takes place in the modern time, but mysterious spirit “Ayakashi” and humans are living together!

The story of Ayakashi triangle takes place in the modern time, and mysterious spirit, Ayakashi, are living with people. However, ordinary people cannot see them and their existence is not even known to people.
The story is about a triangle relationship including this mysteriuos Ayakashi!

●風巻 祭里 / Kazamaki Matsuri

Kazamaki Matsuri
Matsuri is a boy who can see Ayakashi. Ayakashi is like a mysterious spirit.
He is from an exorcist family that has a mission to subdue Ayakashi that are evil and violent to people.
He has a childhood friend, Suzu. They were good friends each other, but Suzu was also having a good relationship with Ayakashi like a medium. Since Matsuri has to fight against Ayakashi, it is getting difficult for him to be with Suzu. They started having a distance each other.
He is kind and always wants to help in need. His kindness leads him to get in trouble.

●花奏 すず / Kanade Suzu

Kanade Suzu
Suzu is a girl who is Matsuri’s childhood friend. She can also see Ayakashi and talk to them often. Since other people cannot see Ayakashi, she looked like talking and laughing by herself. So, people thought that Suzu was strange and she got bullied before.
Since Matsuri can also see Ayakashi, he always helped Suzu. They bonded by their shared ability to see ayakashi. However, Matsuri started having distance from Suzu and that makes her feeling very sad.

●シロガネ / Shirogane

Ayakashi cat who has been living more than 400 years.
He is a powerful Ayakashi and he wants to be stronger by eating Suzu who can see Ayakashi.
Matsuri rushed to protect Suzu from him and tried to seal his power.
Shirogane’s counterattack is going to be......

A strange triangle relationship started?
Everything started from meeting with the king of Ayakashi, Sirogane!

He looks like a cute cat, but Shirogane is the king of Ayakash! He tried to eat Suzu who can see Ayakashi!
However, Matsuri rushed to protect Suzu from Shirogane and tried to seal Shirogane’s power. Before completely sealing his power, Shirogane escaped from Matsuri’s force. Shirogane’s power was reduced to less than half, but he fought back to Matsuri.
Matsuri is turned into a girl after being cursed by Shirogane!!
Matsuri tried to seal his power again in order to get back to himself. Suzu disagreed to him. Suzu thinks that there is no guarantee that Matsuri can get back to a boy again even if he seals the power of Shirogane. (At this point, Shirogane ran away from them.)
Shirogane still wants to eat Suzu. So, Matsuri decided to go to the same school with Suzu in order to protect her from Shirogane all the time. Suzu feels a little happy about being able to be with Matsuri like before. She noticed that keeping this relationship makes her happier.
This strange relationship of three – wants to eat, does not want to be eaten but want to be with them, wants to protect – started in the episode 1.

This is so nostalgic! The classic romantic comedy like To Love-Ru is coming back! Character settings are easy to understand! First time watchers can enjoy from the episode 1!

To Love-Ru
I thought it will be a classic romantic comedy like To Love-Ru, but the relationship becomes a little complicated because Matsuri turned into a girl! Various Ayakashi will appear in the story, so it is not only a romantic comedy but also a fantasy story. Very unique story!
This story is created by Yabuki Kentaro-Sensei who is famous for various romantic comedies like To Love-Ru. If you are familiar with his anime and manga, you will find it nostalgic! Please check out Ayakashi Triangle!
Ayakashi Triangle
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