【Jigokuraku】MAPPA will be making an anime adaptation of Jigokuraku, a ninja x battle action! 【Spring 2023 Anime】

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As we enter the month of March, I'm checking out all of the spring anime that will begin airing in April 2023! Which ones are you interested in at this point?
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In fact, we have heard that one of the spring 2023 anime series will be produced by MAPPA, the same company that produced the Jujutsu Kaisen (Sorcery Fight) and Chainsaw Man anime, and will be aired from April 2023! What is it all about? I've tried to summarize it in this article in a simple way!

【Jigokuraku】Anime airs from April 2023! MAPPA will be making an anime adaptation of Jigokuraku, a ninja x battle action manga that was originally serialized in Shonen Jump+!


Let's get started! What is Jigokuraku (Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku)?

Already completed! Popular work that has sold 3.8 million copies!
A ninja x battle manga serialized on Shonen Jump's website “Shonen Jump +!”
Jigokuraku is a manga that, quite unusually for a manga these days, has already been completed, and on top of that, it has been made into an anime! Along with the anime adaptation, a stage adaptation has also been announced, with a run set for February 2023!

What is the story of Jigokuraku (Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku)?

Only one person can be “exonerated”.
In search of the secret medicine for “immortality,” the criminals challenge to an island to which no one can return alive......!
The story of Jigokuraku, in brief, is about a ninja, Gabimaru, who is accused of a crime and tries to return home with a “medicine of immortality” in order to be exonerated.


Gabimaru was a very talented member of a certain ninja clan, and was known for his ability to complete any ruthless mission.
One day, Gabimaru fell in love with a woman named Yui, and tried to quit the ninja to live with her...... but was betrayed by his men and sold to the government.
Gabimaru's death sentence was set to be carried out......but then, the sword used to cut off Gabimaru's head breaks! From that point on, Gabimaru does not die no matter what the government does, and the government gets into trouble. Gabimaru's mind is in a state of “acceptance of death” because he has killed so many people, but his body cannot accept death because he has an overpowering desire to see his wife just one more time.
Then a master swordsman named Sagiri arrives and offers Gabimaru a task that, if accomplished, will lead to his exoneration.

●(Yamada Asaemon)Sagiri

Yamada Asaemon Sagiri
The mission was to bring back the medicine of immortality from a certain island. The most powerful general in the country had given the mission to “forgive all the sins of those who bring back the medicine of immortality, which is said to exist on a certain island.
Gabimaru accepts Sagiri's proposal to fulfill his wish to see his wife again. The criminals are paired up with a guard, and one by one they land on the island. But what awaits them on the island?

The charm of Jigokuraku (Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku) is right here!

The “horrifying” world is beautifully illustrated!
Don't miss the powerful battles between the criminals who want to be exonerated!
I think the outstanding charm of Jigokuraku is the beauty of its “illustrations” and “worldview”!
The island where the medicine of immortality is said to exist is also “the island where you can't come back alive”, and the monsters that rule the island are beautiful but also very creepy......! The island is heavenly and beautiful, but the monsters will use any means to “defeat” anyone who enters the island.
In addition, various criminals land on the island to search for the medicine, but there is a rule that “only one criminal can be exonerated”. Therefore, Gabimaru and the others have to deal with not only the monsters that attack them, but also with the interference of other members who are also looking for the medicine!

Aza Choube, a young bandit who made the world tremble.

Aza Choube

Shion, a skilled swordsman who, like Sagiri, watches over criminals.

Yamada Asaemon Shion

Yuzuriha, who is a female ninja, sees Gabimaru's ability and asks him to fight with her.

Yuzuriha (Jigokuraku)
Who will get the ”Medicine of Immortality”? Since the original manga has already been completed, you can read the manga now and check out the story all the way to the final episode! We hope you will enjoy the life-threatening battles that unfold in this beautiful and terrifying world!
(Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku)
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