【Collar×Malice】Famous Otome-Game Releasing a Movie in May 2023! Here’s the 5-min Briefing of the Plot and Characters!

Konnichiwa everyone! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic~!
Otome game fans!! I have good news for you all!!
That super popular otome game, Collar×Malice will release the part 1 and 2 of its movie in May and June of 2023 respectively!!

【Collar×Malice】Famous Otome-Game Releasing a Movie in May 2023! Its Suspense Element is Highly Rated, Here’s the 5-min Briefing of the Plot and Characters!

Collar×Malice is a very popular game that scored a huge success among all the otome game released in the 2020’s! This hit work also released a fan disc with the main series’ sequel as well as a theatrical adaptation...... and now finally this summer! It will have its movie!
In today’s article, we want to briefly go over what kind of story Collar×Malice is! It’s a work with a high mystery component, so there will be no plot spoiler! Please relax and check this out!

What is Collar×Malice about?

Staged in Shinjuku, Japan.
In this city, there were occurrences of serial violent incidents referred to as X-Day incidents.
To describe the story briefly, this is staged in modern day Japan. In a city, serial crimes referred to as ‘X-Day Crime’ start happening. The detail of the crime varies, but sometimes there are deaths involved. Every time a crime happens, along with the crime threat, a police-force person’s misdemeanor is also exposed.
The main character, a newbie police, attempts to catch the mastermind of the crime, Adonis. But......
In such setting, a new police force member, the main character, tries to capture the master mind of the crimes, Adonis. But, she is attacked during an investigation and they put a poisonous collar around her neck. When she was feeling helpless, 5 men appear in front of her. They have all left the police force for various reasons, and they were teaming up to capture Adonis on their own ......!

Here are 5 important characters who hold the keys to the story!

Yanagi Aiji
He left the police force for a reason and is chasing after Adonis.
He is calm mannered, kind, and has a high sense of justice. He’s smart and caring so other members trust him as a leader that brings the team together.

●Okazaki Kei

Okazaki Kei
An SP who separated from the police force and is continuing the investigation on his own. The client nor the reason is a mystery.
Personality-wise, he does things at his own pace and is dreamy. He’s not really interested in tasks other than security related work, but among the team members, he has very high battle ability and is very useful when incidents happen.

●Enomoto Mineo

Enomoto Mineo
A young man who became a police officer out of admiration for an officer in a tv drama, which made him aspire to be a hero.
Among the team members, he is the youngest, bright spirited and energetic. He is very straight forward with his emotions, he can sometimes ignore others’ opinion when he makes his decisions, but he is the first one to act to resolve problems.

●Sasazuka Takeru

Sasazuka Takeru
A young man who was in the Cyber Crime Countermeasures Division.
He is extremely brilliant, but because he has a foul mouth and is self-centered, he is always fighting with members around him. He gives off a very cool impression, but he loves sweet food.

●Shiraishi Kageyuki

Shiraishi Kageyuki
A boy that used to be in the forensics department.
He is very good at profiling people and doing forensic investigations. He is very interested in the poisonous object that was placed around the main character’s neck. Personality-wise, he is extremely mysterious, and the fact that he is never not-smiling is actually scary.

Full of mystery component to unravel cases, and each member has a different approach! Highly rated story that makes you want to play as different characters to find out the truths and secrets!

The main character aims to solve the cases with these 5 members! It’s up to the players to decide how to interact with each character, so another highlight of this story is how to reveal each characters’ past and secrets! I like that it’s a good mystery, and that players can enjoy finding out how and which characters relate to the cases as the player explores the story further too!
But! The movie is set to tell the game story’s ‘backside’ with the 2 series! So if you are interested in the movie, try playing the game version first!
Collar×Malice is available to play in various game platforms, so take this opportunity to play Collar×Malice!
Alright, that’s about it for today! See you in the next article~!

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