【Pukasshu】Floating lightly and fluffy, just like being in the water! A cute merchandise series, the Pukasshu series.

Hello everyone~! I'm Mafuyu from Goods Republic!
Again, I'd like to introduce a popular merchandise series released in Japan...... The deformed illustrations are so cute! Besides, it's released in various forms such as Straps, Badges, Acrylic Keychains, etc., and you can buy them in the form you want to decorate. It's a very attractive merchandise series!

【Pukasshu】 Floating lightly and fluffy, just like being in the water! A cute merchandise series, the Pukasshu series, drawn with original illustrations, is being released in large quantities this summer!

What is Pukasshu?

Pukasshu is a notable merchandise series that uses illustrations with certain features and develops a wide range of goods such as straps, badges, and Acrylic Stands.
Pukasshu is a merchandise series that uses elegant and cute illustrations that seem to be floating in the water, described as 'floating' and 'fluffy'.
In the early stages of the product release, there were many illustrations of goods actually floating in the water, but gradually illustrations with a concept of lightly floating in the air began to be used, and overall it became popular as a 'fluffy floating' goods illustration series.
They are basically deformed, and there are special Pukasshu series released with cute costumes and cosplays.
Pukasshu has many illustrations that look like they're lightly floating in the air in merchandise series with relatively less background, such as Acrylic Key Chains and Straps. Goods with a background, like badges, often use illustrations of floating in the water. They're very cute anyway, so be sure to check out the Pukasshu of your favorite anime and game works!

●Deformed characters are so cute!
Here are the anime and game works that Pukasshu is particularly being released and attracting attention!

Tokyo Revengers
Oshi no Ko
Bungou Stray Dogs
The Vampire Dies in No Time
Well then, let's wrap it up here for now! See you in the next article! Bye-bye!

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