【Discounted Price!】 Book Early and Buy Merchandise at a Lower Price! The Special Offer to Watch Out for in Early October is This!

A Special Offer is a merchandise category where you can buy at a discounted price if you book early! You'd want to check it out especially when the month changes or at the start of the week, right before the reservation closes.
Special Offer

Until 2023-11-25! The 3rd season of the anime is finally starting! Figure - Uma Musume Pretty Derby / Rice Shower


Until 2023-11-04! A sequel to the anime has also been decided! Idol's dazzlingly grown-up form turned into a Figure! Figure - Oshi no Ko / Ruby


Until 2023-10-14! The final part has also been decided to be visualized! Wolfwood with dynamic weapons is being made into a figure! POP UP PARADE - Trigun / Nicholas D. Wolfwood


Until 2023-10-11! So cute! Those characters have become plushies in the shape of ice cream! Ice Tapinui - Tokyo Revengers!


Until 2023-10-16! A large restock of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS acrylic stands!


Until 2023-10-16! A new theater version is set to be broadcast in January 2024! Lots of cool acrylic stands available!


Until 2023-10-22! The anime is currently being broadcast from episode 1 to 3! New AcrylicStand characters from Sousou no Frieren have arrived!


Until 2023-10-15! Characters from Blue Lock dressed in cyberpunk outfits are now available as Photo Frame Keychains!


Until 2023-10-14! Are you ready for the 2024 Calendar? Characters from Project SEKAI: Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku are featured, and the calendar is now available for pre-order!


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