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Is there anybody who doesn’t know about “ONE PIECE” in the world? Everyone loves it! It has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump over 15years, plus translated and sold in more than 30 countries. Until November, 2013, the total circulation number of this manga is over 345milion. Also TV anime has aired more than 10 years and collaborated with many companies and industries.

The story is the romantic adventure of Monkey D. Luffy. He is a main character and captain of Straw Hat Pirate. He explores the ocean to find “the One Piece” with his crew.
Luffy gathers trusted crews and they are locked in mortal combats with enemies who stand Luffy’s way. He follows his dreams scrupulously such as geting “the One Pierce”, being the King of the Pirates, and meets to a benefactor Red Haired Shanks again.
In this story, there are “Devil Fruits” which when eaten confers a power on the eater. Luffy is a Devil Fruit User. His ability is to stretches his body very flexibly like rubber. His Rubber Human ability saved Luffy’s life many times. His enemies may also be Devil Fruit Users, of course. For example, the ability of splitting user’s own body apart into pieces, producing and controlling poison from user’s body, and creating and controlling ice and freeze around users. I wonder how many battles against Devil Fruit Users he had so far, and it’s a long way if you look back his battle records. Luffy faced enemies bravely and won battles and it makes me move. They are amazing!

I extract some most impressive episodes from all the adventures.
1) Battle against Arlong Pirates, enemy of Nami.
I watched this when I was a child, so Fishmen Arlong scared me so much. His personality is super cruel and brutal. He killed Nami’s adopted mother Bell-mère and treated Nami meaningless. Because of that, she hates pirates from the bottom of her heart, so she couldn’t depend on Luffy at first. However she finally asked Luffy for help and cried. Luffy answered her call and his spirits were super cool! He is usually like a joker but in those situations, he is cool a lot more.

2) Good-bye the Going Merry…
In this episode, the Going Merry (Straw Hat’s pirate ship) was re-realized as one of the Straw Hat Pirate admirable crews. Luffy and Usopp were opposed to each other for treatment of Merry, and they split. Merry was injured all over but supported Straw Hat’s adventure. My heart was full of sadness when the last moment of Merry... Even Merry is a ship, but I felt like I lost one of my beloved characters.

3) Portgas D. Ace
Ace is an adopted brother of Luffy and captured by the Navy, so Luffy went to Marineford and tried to take back him… I was very shocked when I read the story by manga, and anime also gave me another shock. I believed that Luffy could get over any difficulties eventually, so unexpected story line was very interested but I didn’t imagine the end of episode. The lines Luffy said with tears are one of the best lines in the history of ONE PIECE.

These are only from my personal views, so there are so many impressive scenes. It can’t be listed because it will be numerous. Luffy and his crews “Straw Hat Pirate” at the head of characters, there are many impactful characters in this manga. So, I’m wondering how Eiichiro Oda, who writes and illustrates the story, creates characters. Can I take a peek inside of his brain!!?

The most famous and popular theme song of “ONE PIECE” anime is “We Are!”, but I recommend you a character song “Family”. Straw Hat Pirate sings this song. Mayumi Tanaka who plays Luffy’s voice has solo parts singing “the great guys laugh great” and “the great crews perform great”. It reminds me Luffy saying the lines with big smile. I hope “Family” will be used at the time of final episode of anime.

The story goes on, so I think I’m very lucky to follow it in real time. It will take time if you start reading all stories from now, but once you start reading, you’ll lose track of time and throw yourself into adventures.

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