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“Persona” series is a series of role-playing video games published by Atlus (currently Index), and a spin-off of “Shin Megami Tenssei” from the same developer.
There is no interaction with each title basically, but as features through the series, there are occult elements such as urban legends, and bonds between people and youth. These are the themes of “Persona” series. Also, characters have special abilities called Persona is common to the series.

While I played this “Persona” series, its stylishness attracted me so much. (`・ω・´)=3 Only this word, stylishness…I guess you don’t get what I wanted to say. (;^_^) Its design, music, story, and even system catch players eyes and these are so sophisticated . Especially the story and theme which features inner mind of human, and music which is very popular and lives have been performed grabs your heart!!

Most characters are good-looking but if I need to pick up the one, it is Akihiko Sanada from Persona 3 who is one year ahead of protagonist and in team. (* `・ω・´) He is calm, cool, and strict about training, not like a student. Events from the past formed his personality, however, he has something passionate in his heart. It came out during creating friendship. We can see his human side in his coolness, then, he became a trusted team mate. For me, he is like a mentor because he is very dependable in battles. (´v`)=3

So that I can say “Persona” series grabs players’ hearts tightly. (`・ω・´)=3 And it is famous as speedrun games, I’m able to recommend gamers this series in a lot of ways. This game is good, so you’ll have fun and spend a great time. (´v`)=3

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