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Monogatari Series is an animation series based on a novel written by Ishin Nisio(西尾維新). By the way, NISIO ISIN, when written in alphabets becomes a palindrome! Did you know?

As seen here, the author likes to play around with words, I highly recommend reading the original novels. I’m sure you would enjoy them a lot. Of course in the anime too, the original world of NISIO ISIN is laid out.

Right now, the novels that were made into animation are 化物語:Bakemonogatari, 偽物語:Nisemonogatari, and 猫物語:Nekomonogatari(Kuro). From July 2013, second season of Monogatari Series are going to be on air for 2 kurus (a thirteen‐week run of a television series used in Japan).

No doubt that it’s a really HOT work! Also, there is a plan of 傷物語:Kizumonogatari going to be made into a movie.

It’s going to mainly focus on Shinobu Oshino. I’m of Bakemonogatari, but I love this Monogatari Series too, so I am already really excited about it.

In both of the work, the main character is Koyomi Araragi. He has two sisters, Karen Araragi and Tsukihi Araragi. They are called FireSisters. My favorite character is Tsukihi.

She's wearing Kimono(着物), so if you like Japan, you'll like it. Nisemonogatari is a story based on FireSisters, so if you're a fan, you must check it out!

Also there are girls involved with Kaii, his girlfriend Hitagi, classmate and a friend Tsubasa, Sengoku who is admired as big brother, Mayoi the lost ghost, and Kanbaru, a junior who loves BL.

Everyone is a popular main character! I mean, is there any other character who appear in Monogatari series...? (Of course there is!)

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